Friday, April 20, 2012

A is for Art 2012 - Getting the kids

A is for Art 2012 - Getting the kids

since both Ain and I are teaching in the afternoon session and ain teaches four primary 4 art classes, it makes sense to get the Art Challenge participants from the P4s. 

Initially planned to get the P4 art teachers to nominate the pupils based on the pupils' interest and talent in art. But a lunch at McDonald changed our plan. 

saw the contest requirement where they invite children to write in on why they are a Champion of Play and it sparked off an idea that we could do something like this too.... 

i shared my idea with Ain the next day and we came up with two questions for those who might be interested in the workshop

Q1: Tell us in 50 – 80 words why do you like art?
Q2: Tell us in 50 – 80 words why you should be chosen for the Art Challenge Workshop?

44 pupils collected the 'registration form' and 23 were selected.. =) 

two rationales behind this method of 'recruitment' were 

(1) we want participants who wants to be in the workshop out of their own will and interest and hence (hopefully) will show more commitment and enthusiasm in the programs that Ain and I had planned and as a result gleaned as much as they could to help them build up on their knowledge and interest in art

(2) as pupils are required to do plentiful of reflection, we need pupils who can write .... this may not be a problem in other schools... but over here, we do have quite a good percentage of pupils who have difficulties in writing and reading (even at P6s) .... but Ain and I are not strict with the spelling/vocab/grammar mistakes that they made .... we know that this is an art challenge and not some english workshop..... so as long as the pupils can write in simple sentences, able to express what they want to say for the two questions above in a few sentences ... we will choose them.... =D 

tentative schedule:

Term 2
week 4   -  registration and issue of consent form
week 5   - 1 hour briefing + 1 hour on composite creatures
week 6   - 1 hour on colours + 1 hour on shapes & patterns
week 7   - Learning Journey to Asian Civilisations Museum
week 8   - Closure to the 3 themes + Brainstorming for the 'Chair Challenge' and selection of the 'Chair' team 
week 10 - Budgeting and consolidation for the 'Chair Challenge' 

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