Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's day @ Minds Cafe

I think it is due to the fact that i'm no longer living in the same household as the chuas and that mummy is aging that's y i'm making it a point to organise fun-filled family outings every now and then

and for Mothers' Day this year, we had a simple lunch at JustAcia @ dhoby ghaut exchange... luv this restaurant.... 6 set meal with free flow of ice-creams & drinks only cost $64...=D

then we head down to Minds Cafe @ Prinsep Street where we had 4 hours of laughters and lots of fun.... =) .... $10++ per person with free flow fruit punch , coke, apple tea or barley... 

1st game - Saboteur

The mummy and son saboteur combo managed to win the round

 Alfred was really good at this game...  confusing me all the time.... 

this is what u get when the first 2 players were Alfred and Alvin!!!

2nd game - Uno Stacko
i'm the low risk player


mummy went poking around for lose pieces

guys are high risk takers....


3rd game - Slamwich

to include mummy in the game, we created the chinese version.... instead of shouting 'stop thief', 'double decker' and 'slamwich' when we see the different combinations of cards we had to shout 小偷, 双层, 三文治
and the surprising thing is...the one (Alvin) who is the lousiest in chinese won both rounds of the game!!!!  me who got A1 for chinese only came in second for both rounds... =S

my hand - Alvin's hand
slap until hand red red

4th game -


a game very similar to snap where you have to 'chop' the 'KOWZ GO MOO!' card and say 'MOO" when identical cards appear

5th game - Guesstures

it's speed charade where cards get 'eaten' up by this green machine if nobody guessed it right within the time set


I think i was trying to act out 'clothes'

6th game - Tumblin Monkeys 

a very simple game that has to be made complicated by hooking the monkeys from one stick to another stick so as to reduce the number of monkeys dropped

Angela even went to the extend of rescuing the monkeys hanging on the last stick from the top instead of letting them 'fall to their death' 

7th game - Jenga (Truth or Dare)  

the ultimate aim to this game (for us) is to make it as high as possible

high risk takers always start from the bottom...i think guys just like the thrill....

Alvin trying to knock out 3 extra pieces for Angela, me and mummy so that we wun have the chance to destroy their goal of having the 'tallest' jenga tower....  

this was the last picture of the 'tallest' tower as Alfred kicked against the table on his way to the toilet right after this shot....wahahaha..... 

mummy had a great day..... she asked if we could come more often.... guess it's every parents' dream to spend quality time with their children.... =)..... 

and no, we wun be coming here anytime soon cos i will plan other fun-filled activities every now and then de ....too many of the same thing, no matter how fun it is will also get boring de lo...... 

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