Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 3 of Kuching (Part 2) - Factory Visits

Day 3 of Kuching - Factory Visits

Factory No. 1 - Pepper & Bird nest 

pepper berries on a pepper plant 

watched a video on how bird nest are formed and collected and why are they good for health

and bought 2 boxes of bird nest, 

one for 蔡妈妈 and one for 洪妈妈....$640rm.... heart pain seh.... such a big hole in my pocket.... =S

Factory No. 2 - Pottery 

created 5 items (ash tray, bottle, bowl, coin bank, plate) within 3 minutes....yes...i timed him cos he was going so fast..... 

for $5rm each, the kids got to create a ceramic piece each to bring home... =) 

Factory No. 3 - Kueh Lapis 

kids get to help spread a layer for the kueh  

plenty of unique favours such as cheese, chocolate chips, peppermint, orea etc.... but i still prefer the original one.... bought 2 back as well  

back to Barok for dinner .... building does not look as creepy in the light.... 

bamboo chicken with tapioca leaves soup 

Our tour guide, Mr Ryan, is a very entertaining guy... he would entertain us with games and hands-on activities during all the long journeys 

He taught us how to fold a napkin into a candle 

and taught us how to make a bracelet with the stem of the tapioca leaf 

my 50% completed bracelet


feliswl said...

Hi there, a group of us would like to go to Kuching for educational tour and visit. I'm interested in the pepper and bird nest industries. Do you still remember the contacts or name of the factories? Thank you! :)


Candy Chua said...

Hi there,
i dont have the details about them as it was all planned by the tour guide. Probably you can ask your guide. I am sure they will be able to find one and fit it into your route for you. =)