Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To Kuching We Go

To Kuching We Go 
(1 June 2012)

as always, volunteered myself as a chaperone for this year science international trip to kuching.... =).... i luv luv school trips... cos to me, it's a 包吃包喝包住包玩 trip in exchange for my service to look after a small group of kids on the trip.... but surprisingly, it's super difficult to get teachers to go on these trips every year so i get the privilege to go lo.... =) 

but the timing for this year's trip is super not good la.... my Mr Ang is away in Thailand since 28 May and will be back in Singapore on 1 June at approx 7pm while i had to report to school by 230pm for briefing before my silkair flight at 6pm on the same day..... so u see, our pups was in a 单亲家庭 for the first 5 days with me and continued for another 5 days with Mr Ang ...making it a total of 9 days that i did not get to see my Mr Ang.... =S

guess how is this artwork created 

Answer : lego pieces 

Lina treated us to coffee... =) 

with the 20 minutes delay in taking off due to some technical problem, we reached Kuching at approx 20 minutes to 8pm. Zoomed zoomed to Barok for dinner 

Interesting building which looks kind of creepy in the dark....=P

Traditional costume of one of the native tribes (Bidayuh) .... the waiters were dressed in these as well....  

Japanese styled lampshades in the restaurant 

Ancient looking 'radio' 

zoomed zoomed to Harbour View for debrief after dinner before sending the kids back to their room.... 

going on such trips can bring about lots and lots of learning that cannot take place in a classroom.... it's enjoyable to teach the pupils how to look at the departure board to check if the gate is open for boarding, how to look at signage to look for the boarding gate, toilet etc, explaining why we need to check in early, how to look for their seats in the aircraft, how to eat with proper table manners, how to use the water heater in the bathroom etc etc 

it's really a trip where the kids learnt how to be more independent cos the teachers will never pamper them like their parents.....they have to learn how to pack their day bags, their luggage, be ready and punctual for breakfast, arrange to take their bath etc....

Lights out for me was 11+.... =) ...happiness....been a while since i have such early bedtime... been sleeping after 12 everyday for some time liao cos my Mr Ang is a 夜猫子....his usual sleeping time is 2am... =S

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