Monday, July 30, 2012


The Chair 

This is our Seat of Honour.... One grand enough for our VIP to sit on and one that shouts out the characteristics of our school. 

Peacock feathers:
Jieminites are proud of the school. 

Leaf shape chair back:
Jieminites are true (not hypocrites), humble and down to earth. It is painted in orange and yellow with a green base because the true colours of leaves are actually yellow and orange due to the carotenoid (pigment) present in leaves. However, these two colours are covered by chlorophyll which are produced during summer time. 

Veins of the leaf:
Created with twines pleated together to show the bond between the school, teachers and pupils. 

Star padding & cushion:
Star represents 'extraordinary'. Jieminites are extraordinary in their unique ways. 

Leopard spots:

Leopard is one of the fastest animals in the world hence it symbolise that JPS is fast catching up with other 'better' schools in terms of academic results and achievements. 

The base colour is gold to represent all the gold awards which the school received in this year's SYF competition. It represents the school excellent achievement in performing arts. It also depicts the team's desire to achieve a gold award for A is for Art. 

The colours (beige, brown and black) of the spots also represented the 3 main races in our school. 

Morning glory flowers were drawn to signify 'welcome', welcoming guest into our school and onto the seat. Mandy got this inspiration as the flowers blossom in the morning to welcome the sunshine. 

Plastic crystal studs:
Jiemin Primary pupils are known as Jieminites and our school's reward system is in the form of awarding weekly JEM stamps hence plastic crystal studs (gems) were used to decorate the flap. 

The heart shape blue stud represents the pupils who are surrounded by the 4 pink tear drop shape pink studs which represented the 4 school values; caring, respect, commitment and integrity. 

Twine of ribbons around the legs:

The many colours of the ribbons represent vibrancy which is 1/3 our JPS's vision; A vibrant and caring community of life-long learners. 

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