Monday, September 10, 2012

The reason why I'm getting flabbier

Like most babies, I was born chubby 
but a high fever reduced me to a pack of bones and since then, i had always been severely underweight till mummy had to accompany me to MOH @ Outram  on several occasions for additional body check-up (referred by the yearly school check-up) throughout primary school till sec 1. 

I have never like to exercise but i guess being active in school burnt more calories than what were consumed. I was in gymnastic and athletics in primary school, was in dance in secondary school, and was in dance in college as well....and i believe the walking from one classroom to another classroom or lab on the different levels lugging the mountains of textbooks and ten years series helped in burning the calories off too.... and also not forgetting the PE lessons that were filled with 2.4km runs 

The lack of allowance to indulge in carbo and sugar rich food does play a part in limiting the amount of calories intake too so maintaining the perfect weight (according to me) of 45 kg was easy  peasy all the way till uni days where there were no more dance, no more PE lessons, no more napfa training which = to no more opportunities for others to force me to exercise....and that's when i started to balloon.... i had reached my heaviest of 55kg before..... super flabby till zhenyu and danny were always making fun of my 蝴蝶袖... ='(

though sad but being a lazy bum bum, i really cant be bothered to go on a diet or to exercise regularly and my weight has been hovering around 52-54kg since the last 12 years.... must still give me credit that i try not to let my weight hit the magic 55kg for this long can???? =P 

but i'm finding it more and more difficult to keep my weight under the magic number as i aged leh.... most would say is due to the lower metabolism rate...i would say is due to the amount of 饭局 that were indulged in lo.... 

let's just take this september hol weekend as an example;

Friday, 7 Sept: met mummy and angela
venue: Manna Story (korean restaurant at PS b2)

2 pots of spicy bbq chicken and one spicy bbq pork

then i remembered i had this in my wallet

and thus round 2 

Saturday, 8 Sept: met RSS and associates 
6 of us ate $230 worth of food (inclusive of $150 worth of crab)...and as if the calories were not enough, we had durains for dessert....  

Sunday, 9 Sept: met Charlene for her belated birthday treat 
venue: raindrops @ scape mall 

salmon steak for her

mushroom carbonara for me

shop around for less than an hour and we ended up in Pique Nique @ Taka 

Look at the sugar coated marshmallow  in my ice chocolate.... 

super yummy waffle with maple syrup and a scope of salted vanilla  ice-cream 

See all the calories that were consumed in the last 3 days..... how not to be flabbier????  =S

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