Monday, October 8, 2012

Effective Drawing (1) - lines

lesson started with an introduction to the different kind of pencils... 

 (H) stands for hardness where as (B) stands for for people who are always dropping their pencils onto the floor, should get (H) pencils for them
then we were introduced to the different drawing stages by age

i think i am stuck at the crisis period which is described as 
"The beginning of adolescence marks the end of artistic development among most children, due to frustration at "getting things right." Those who do manage to weather the crisis and learn the "secret" of drawing will become absorbed in it."

i always find my drawings super duper ugly and look nothing like the real thing and being someone who has a fixed mindset, i give the excuse that i'm not talented and refuse to try to make my art any better.... =S
anyway, the 5 lessons under this program is to teach people like me to draw and the first step to encourage me to do that is to give me a goody bag.... wahahaha.... 

we were told to do a pre-instruction self portrait based on this photo  

 and i drew a Candy monster (according to Mr Ang)... =S 


金玉良言 from the course:

"It's not about seeing different things but seeing things differently"

"Drawing is a record of current perception"
2 strategies which we learnt to improve our drawings by improving our ability to see lines in this first lesson

(1) blind contour drawing
without looking at our drawing paper, we were told to draw the above line  

this is a copy of a drawing of a horse by Picasso.... placing the picture upside down, and with the help of the proportion finder (vernier calliper like thingy), we were told to draw the exact same thing.... 

i found the proportion finder not that user friendly so i ended up using a ruler to mark the point... so drawing ended up like math cos i was using coordinate geometry strategy...and this was what i drew.... 
 am proud of myself.... =) 

and since i was in a good drawing mood, i decided to do the optional homework as well and draw this 

based on "Portrait of Stravinsky" by Picasso

thinking that i had mastered the technique of drawing, i decided to draw another self portrait of myself based on the same photo above....bad decision.....=S....i created another monster.....
not as ugly as the first one though....wahahaha....

The whole program on effective drawing is actually an adaptation from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

really really hope that my drawing skill can improve after this whole program.... keeping my fingers (& toes) crossed.....  


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