Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween @ Woodgrove 2012

one of thing that i miss most about living in woodlands is going for the yearly Halloween walk at woodgrove every year. 

so imagine my delight when the nac briefing was held at innova jc on 31st oct.... =)....took the opportunity to pop by 蔡家 to see ong ong.... heeee.... 

so cute..... he even has a pet toy pup.... wahahaha


brought mummy for the Halloween walk after dinner... =) 

mummy and I resting for an ice-cream

look at the crowd..... it's amazing right??? especially so when it's a non-publicised event.... only known to woodlanders living around the area...

My favourite costume this year..... SO CUTE RIGHT?????

celebrated Alvin's 17th birthday before i left

time really flies.... even 蔡小弟 is 17 liao.... 

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