Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy 45th birthday to National Service

Wahahaha... I know it sounds weird... But really thanks to its birthday, all ns guy received a big red packet that were used to pay for this dinner.

Mr ang received $50 only cos he is still considered a NSF. He had disrupted his national service to start his undergrad studies 3 yrs back and hence still owns air-force 2 months of hard labour which he will be paying back this may to july. 

Time flies ah... Anyhow anyhow, 3 years past liao and he will be graduating lo.... But he's not done with all the studying yet lo... He is sponsored by ntu to do his phd in the next 4 years starting this august... On top of that, he is paid an allowance that is equvilent to the starting pay of a grad ... Not bad siah..... Only down side is - no bonus n no cpf... But i believe it's good investment cos if he's to be called dr ang in 4 years time, i can self declare to be  doctress ang!!!  wahahaha...

Anyway, with the $50, we had our dinner at 
which was located at Bugis+ level 4.

Very unique deco in graffiti style  

it's a charcoal bbq eating place

 we ordered the $56 set meal for 2 which includes: 
this tray of pork, chicken, fish and squid




a bowl of garlic rice and miso soup for each of us

yummy ymmy food on grill

Happy happy us on a date 

Mr Ang insisted on having dessert so we popped by 
记得吃 at Plaza Singapura

mr ang with his durian sago

my mango snow ice ... luv the passion fruit pearls which literally burst when you bite them one by one.... 

The Collectors' Show 2013 @ Singapore Art Museum (SAM) - Part 2

We were given the remaining of the evening to roam about the museum to look for an art piece for our homework for the week

took the opportunity to roam the whole museum on my own.... love having me time..... i can be such a loner at times.... =P 


Never Ending Lesson by Jumaldi Ali 

the sea of chalk under vibrant mode of the camera

dun really get what the artist was trying to express.... to me, the chalk, the sampan and the skeleton share the same fate.... outdated, absolute, forgotten, unknown to the modern world 

Zhang Huan – Ash Army No. 2

This artwork is created from incense ash after the artist’s return to China and adoption of Buddhist beliefs after living in New York for 8 years. Each week, the artist’s assistants collect barrels of discarded ash from more than 20 temples in Shanghai.

To him, incense burning, a daily ritual for millions of Chinese people, embody histories and deepest hopes of countless temple-goers. His works reveal the fragility of collective memories, as he strives to reclaim and re-consecrate the manifold fragments of human imagination and endeavour, recorded in prayers and devotions. 


Vertical Submarine – Sun Tze’s Art of War

first thought that came to my mind - back stabbing wun kill..... the one that comes face on will..... wahahahaha..... oopx.... forgive my clowning around.... 

be serious.... =P
The red book is Sun Tze’s Art of War which is a compilation of military strategies from the early Warring states period which has been said to inspire political leaders on the principle of strategic tactics of warfare without having to actually battle.

The artwork can be seen as the artists’ note to viewers to consider the ways in which knowledge as power can be a formidable tool not only to aid but also to sabotage oneself, and that the best laid plans are not always fool proof. 

artist uses the armchair – a place of rest and thinking – as a site to critique the notion of the armchair philosopher; one who claims to be knowledgeable without having direct experience. 


Gonkar Gyatso - Excuse Me While I kiss The Sky 

The artist used a Buddha figure as a modern day devotional figure, adorned with thousands of stickers that signify contemporary popular culture and society's desires.  


Monday, February 18, 2013

The Collectors' Show 2013 @ Singapore Art Museum (SAM) - Part 1

last friday's ATPP lesson was conducted at the Singapore Art Museum... happiness.... =D

The Collectors Show: Weight of History is on from now till May 2013 so do pop by to check it out... entrance is free for students, teachers and singaporeans & PR citizens... =) 

Sharing the two pieces which my trainers went through with us

"The Living Word" by Xu Bing 

Due to the limited space in the gallery, i couldnt get the perfect picture of the whole installation.. =(... 

 this artwork is about the artist's journey into uncovering the essence of language and its meaning. it started with the dictionary meaning for the simplified chinese word 'bird' (鸟) and gradual transformed into older versions of the chinese character all the way to ancient pictogram format. These birds-scripts portray a celestial transition backward in time, by returning to nature as a source of inspiration. 
my interpretation is totally the opposite... i had looked at it from left to an english sentence format... i thought it was about how progression had led to an erosion of feelings and warm.... 

to me, the vibrantly painted in red birds on the extreme left were soaring up high and free but as it progresses to the right, the colours became colder (white) and more life-less, ending up as a factual description of what a bird is


Nature's Breath: Arokhayasala by Montien Boonma

 This piece of work was created when the artist was battling cancer. 5 columns of metal boxes were stacked together without adhesives to illustrate the rib cages which at the same time also resemble a temple-like sanctuary. Herbs were placed atop the structure to represent lungs. A very strong scent is given off by the herbs which signify the potential for healing through breathing practices in such a meditative realm. 
according to the write-up, the lungs-like thing are herbs... but i 左看右看, they look like real lungs leh... probably animals' lungs since this is not bodyworks where they can use real humans' lungs... i guess the shadows created by the metal boxes were intentional too.... it gives me a feeling that the artist is trying to illustrate that his lungs are 白孔千liao

i really enjoy the thinking progress of what an artwork is trying to represent before reading up on what the artwork is actually all about and most of the time, my interpretation is nothing like what the artist is trying to express... hahahaha.... but who cares??? it's not core-subject where there's only one correct answer... it's really a case of how an artwork make me feels... =P 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day


mr ang: i hv no tuition so we can makan together

mrs ang: okok. i m at bras basah. wanna eat here?

mr ang: oh. okok. i go find u.

mrs ang: i bring u go food for thought to eat

this conversation happened on 15 feb
a typical dinner together but just because it was during the valentine period, we just treated it as val-day celebration... =P 

seafood pasta for mr ang

my cute cute mr ang busy coordinating the gathering at night

prawn pasta for me ... yummilious... 

very small portion for all their main course which left enough stomach space for  dessert... =) 

baked cheese + fudge cake (below the baked cheese) + vanilla ice-cream with raspberry sauce... ymmmzzzz

and for gift exchange this year...
mrs ang bought a pair of swimming trunks at $15.90 for mr ang last month when  holes were spotted due to wear & tear.... oopx.... 

and mr ang promised to get me a box of popin cookin fun mix to play with... haven decide on which box to get yet though.... =D

that's it... our super impromptu val-day and anyhow celebration.... valentine day was never really important to us starting from our first year... not that i dun like flowers but more to i dun know what to do with the flowers after i received them.... first they take up space, then they collect dust and eventually they end up in the bin.... 

so as much as i envy those who received flowers and will smile like a 花痴 when i saw pictures of their beautiful bouquets via fb... i told mr ang not to get any for me.... 

but it dosen mean that val-day is treated can be treated like any thursday oh... that's why i was a little grouchy on the actual day when i came back from work.. 

first, i was asked to help out with the wiring for the newly acquired stereo set then he asked if we should do our laundry then third he started vacuuming the floor .... argh!!!!

though we dun celebrate valentine's day but it dosen mean he can treat it as any normal day right??? and definitely he cannot ask if i wanted to do housework because the answer is definitely a NO.... 

luckily, he sensed something was not right pretty soon and pacifying me with his cuteness, brought me out to have mac ice-cream and gave me extra hugs and kisses.... 不然他就死定了 ... =P 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rice & Fries


congrats to ken & xinying.... clap clap clap clap.... 

from My Kenteen , a stall in singapore poly to a stall at cendex building  to Rice & Fries, a restaurant at Changi Road

it's only a 5 minutes walk from kembagang mrt .... very very accessible.... =D


...many many favours to choose from... 

i had butterscotch while mr ang had espresso.... yumz to the max.... thick & creamy... my favourite kind of ice-cream...
and it's the cheapest scope of New Zealand Natural around liao oh... only $3.80 per scope compared to the $4++ at other places oh... 

pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds


mango prawn salad for mr ang and me.... super  yumz....

smoke salmon salad for vivian .... salmon looked very succulent hor???? so succulent that mr ang asked for a slice to try and was super happy he did... =D

prawn pasta for me.... yumz yumz..... BIG & juicy prawns..... 

chicken and mushroom fricassee for mr ang

beef ribeye steak for vivian

Now is only the soft launch so only open from 5pm - 11pm from now till end of feb.... 

though the food is double thumbs up but the best part of all is there's no gst and no service charge.... =D

so come on down to try out ken chia's 拿手好菜 oh....

Round 2 @ Rice & Fries