Monday, February 18, 2013

The Collectors' Show 2013 @ Singapore Art Museum (SAM) - Part 1

last friday's ATPP lesson was conducted at the Singapore Art Museum... happiness.... =D

The Collectors Show: Weight of History is on from now till May 2013 so do pop by to check it out... entrance is free for students, teachers and singaporeans & PR citizens... =) 

Sharing the two pieces which my trainers went through with us

"The Living Word" by Xu Bing 

Due to the limited space in the gallery, i couldnt get the perfect picture of the whole installation.. =(... 

 this artwork is about the artist's journey into uncovering the essence of language and its meaning. it started with the dictionary meaning for the simplified chinese word 'bird' (鸟) and gradual transformed into older versions of the chinese character all the way to ancient pictogram format. These birds-scripts portray a celestial transition backward in time, by returning to nature as a source of inspiration. 
my interpretation is totally the opposite... i had looked at it from left to an english sentence format... i thought it was about how progression had led to an erosion of feelings and warm.... 

to me, the vibrantly painted in red birds on the extreme left were soaring up high and free but as it progresses to the right, the colours became colder (white) and more life-less, ending up as a factual description of what a bird is


Nature's Breath: Arokhayasala by Montien Boonma

 This piece of work was created when the artist was battling cancer. 5 columns of metal boxes were stacked together without adhesives to illustrate the rib cages which at the same time also resemble a temple-like sanctuary. Herbs were placed atop the structure to represent lungs. A very strong scent is given off by the herbs which signify the potential for healing through breathing practices in such a meditative realm. 
according to the write-up, the lungs-like thing are herbs... but i 左看右看, they look like real lungs leh... probably animals' lungs since this is not bodyworks where they can use real humans' lungs... i guess the shadows created by the metal boxes were intentional too.... it gives me a feeling that the artist is trying to illustrate that his lungs are 白孔千liao

i really enjoy the thinking progress of what an artwork is trying to represent before reading up on what the artwork is actually all about and most of the time, my interpretation is nothing like what the artist is trying to express... hahahaha.... but who cares??? it's not core-subject where there's only one correct answer... it's really a case of how an artwork make me feels... =P 

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