Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Collectors' Show 2013 @ Singapore Art Museum (SAM) - Part 2

We were given the remaining of the evening to roam about the museum to look for an art piece for our homework for the week

took the opportunity to roam the whole museum on my own.... love having me time..... i can be such a loner at times.... =P 


Never Ending Lesson by Jumaldi Ali 

the sea of chalk under vibrant mode of the camera

dun really get what the artist was trying to express.... to me, the chalk, the sampan and the skeleton share the same fate.... outdated, absolute, forgotten, unknown to the modern world 

Zhang Huan – Ash Army No. 2

This artwork is created from incense ash after the artist’s return to China and adoption of Buddhist beliefs after living in New York for 8 years. Each week, the artist’s assistants collect barrels of discarded ash from more than 20 temples in Shanghai.

To him, incense burning, a daily ritual for millions of Chinese people, embody histories and deepest hopes of countless temple-goers. His works reveal the fragility of collective memories, as he strives to reclaim and re-consecrate the manifold fragments of human imagination and endeavour, recorded in prayers and devotions. 


Vertical Submarine – Sun Tze’s Art of War

first thought that came to my mind - back stabbing wun kill..... the one that comes face on will..... wahahahaha..... oopx.... forgive my clowning around.... 

be serious.... =P
The red book is Sun Tze’s Art of War which is a compilation of military strategies from the early Warring states period which has been said to inspire political leaders on the principle of strategic tactics of warfare without having to actually battle.

The artwork can be seen as the artists’ note to viewers to consider the ways in which knowledge as power can be a formidable tool not only to aid but also to sabotage oneself, and that the best laid plans are not always fool proof. 

artist uses the armchair – a place of rest and thinking – as a site to critique the notion of the armchair philosopher; one who claims to be knowledgeable without having direct experience. 


Gonkar Gyatso - Excuse Me While I kiss The Sky 

The artist used a Buddha figure as a modern day devotional figure, adorned with thousands of stickers that signify contemporary popular culture and society's desires.  


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