Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paper Dome & Bee Farm

First stop of the day

NT$100 (S$4.30) tickets which can be fully redeemable for product/food and i used it to buy these cute earrings.... =) 

received at least 2 mosquito's kisses just for posing for this pic so here i was busying getting my mosquito patch ready 

Look!!!!! SO BIG!!!

Luv the butties fluttering around too.... =) 

The main attraction - The Paper Church itself 

a church made entirely from cardboard if not amazing enough, it was first built within 5 weeks as a religious centre after an earthquake destroyed more than 60% of the building in Kobe, Japan in 1995. It was then donated to Miaoli, Taiwan in 2005, an area heavily damaged by the 921 earthquake.

kitties on sale

Alfred walking out from the gents ~ like a boss!!!

There was a bee farm just opposite paper dome, so we popped in and got to 'play' with the bees

 spot the queen bee.... the one with a purple 'crown'.... 

spot the 2 bees with 2 yellow 'luggage' on their legs.... 
those are pollen sacs.... cool seh..... 

learned a plentiful about bees from the lady boss....  a queen bee can live up to 6 years and lay 1000 - 2000 eggs EVERY day just after one mating session while the worker bees can only live up to 6 weeks.... 

while mummy and alfred were busy buying honey and honey ice-cream, i played with the resident pup.... =) 


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