Sunday, August 24, 2014

Universal Studio Hollywood - Part 2

thought it would be a boring studio tour but it turned out to be the best ride (at least for me) the entire day.... =) 

approx 20 -30 minutes queue time despite the mega number of people... and though the sun was out and blazing , the shelter and  cool mist kept us sane 

choo-choo-choo-choo.... in came the tram

tips for the day.... dun be kiasu like me and rushed to be right in front.... the best view was at the last seat (last to board) of each row as most of the 'to see' stuff were on the left on the tram.... 

all on board and off we went.... 

there's a guide seated in the first cabin right next to the driver.... as we were seated in the 3rd or 4th cabin, we made do with a screen.... the guide was really humorous and kept us entertained throughout the 1 hour ride... great Job!!!

The sky scrapers in most movies 

the streets and buildings in most movie 

the cars parked along the streets in most movies 

the 'chui' car in most movies 

some of the 'narroow' building in most movies

the entrance to the 4D show while still in the tram 

some of the props from Jurassic Park 

The old town in most cowboy movies 

then suddenly there was a downpour 

and a flood in broad day light..... 

next up was the set of Pirates of the Caribbean
din expect it to be so tiny.... it's really all about perspective and camera angle.... 电影真的把我骗得团团转... =S

tram going into the water

There's a whole train station in this stage (warehouse)  

then all of a sudden, a truck crashed into the train station, 

 then a earthquake happened followed by a flood......

at the set of JAW 

then through Beverly Hills 

Dr Seuss's - The Cat in the Hat 

the motel behind Dr Seuss's set

where we 'witnessed' a murder

the female body was dumped into the car boot and here the murderer was running towards our tram with a knife in his hand

next up was a set of a plane crash on our left and 

and an aftermath of a typhoon on our right 

end of studio tour!!!! 

cant believe that this whole post is just on one ride..... 
Yeah to Studio Tour!!!

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