Sunday, November 9, 2014

papier mache robots by the fifth graders

Lesson 1: 
class discussion on why robots are invented, the difference between robots of olden days and now and what type of robots would they like to invent for the aging population of Singapore.... all these before the kiddos formed into groups of 4 to brainstorm and design their group robot... 

Lesson 2 to 3: 
mask-taping the boxes together to form the robot skeleton... i think the class did a great job at collecting the boxes they needed...  

Lesson 4 to 6: 
pasting newspaper onto the skeleton with diy glue made from tapioca flour and boiling water

Lesson 7 to 9: 

showcasing all completed robots from 5 Care during Aesthetic Day... =) so proud of the whole class.... 

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