Tuesday, June 9, 2015

From Tokyo to the Machiya (Traditional Wooden Townhouse) in Kyoto

Activated our JR pass to be used else this reserved ticket on the Hikari Shinkasen from Tokyo to Kyoto in 164 minutes would cost us 13400¥ (S$145.80) each 

Alvin standing at attention while our bullet train zoomed in 

Lazy people who refused to wake up early to have breakfast had to make do with yummilious onigiri on the shinkasen oh... =) 


the 3 vain ones on this side of the train

and a 5 minute walk away from kyoto station was our  machiya which i booked through booking.com @ S$257.50 per night.... though it exceeded my budget by a teeny weeny bit, but the accessibility and uniqueness of the stay in this traditional Japanese wooden townhouse made it all super worth it ... =D 

this lamp lights up really beautifully at night.... 

Angela trying to unlock the door with the instruction that was provided by the host 

two bicycles for our usage

the kitchen area leading to the toilet and bathroom 

the water saving toilet again and this time with seat warmer..... comfy comfy especially on cold cold mornings.... 

living room on the right which we converted to a bedroom for Alvin and Angela 

the living room on the left which became 蔡 mummy and my bedroom for the next 3 days

and in here were our memories of our first family mask night... =) 

that ended with lots and lots of laughter resulting from the boys having their first try at putting on facial mask.... wahahahahhahaha 

deco in this room

staircase leading up to 2 bedrooms on the second level

deco under this staircase

deco between the two bedrooms on the second level 

4 futons in the bedroom on the right which we carried down to the first level as this was so much easier and more convenient than to carry our luggage up and having to climb up and down the staircase to use the toilet and bathroom during the night 

the bedroom on the left for a single occupant, Alfred, who insisted that he wanted to sleep alone upstairs to fully enjoy the proper living experience in a machiya.... (-.-!!!)  

artistic shot by angela 

had our lunch in this restaurant before we set off for deer feeding @ Nara Park  

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