Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 8 in Japan - Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe

yes.... we made it in time to Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe which is a 5 min walk away from Akibahara station 

18 owls in the house...hoot hoot!!!

 dont ever go without a booking...super high chance that you may not be able to get in which was what happened to a group of tourists who arrived before us.... 

booking can only be made through email 3 days in advance and still might not get the slot that you want... which was what happened to us... =S... 

we were shocked when we were informed that we couldnt get the slot that we wanted... after some serious discussions and some email ding-dong-ing, we decided to sacrifice the ramen museum cos we really really wanted to go to the owl cafe at the only time slot that was available at 3pm

it cost us 1500¥ (S$16.30) each to be in the company of the owls for 1 hour with 1 complimentary bottle of mineral/sparkling water and a free memento at the end of the visit

we were a little disappointed that there was no food available in the CAFE cos we were super hungry 

hoot hoot so cute!!! especially the mini ones.... mad luvs

one sleepy owl who seemed to be smiling in its sleep... so kawaii!!!

3 sleepy owls side by side

good morning little puff so so adorable!!! 

this one looked so fierce... i scare it would bite me lo

did i give u a fright, birdie?? u looked shock!!!

these two were the biggest and most attitude hooties which were off limit

see... took turn to diao us lo.... =S

only the staff was allowed to handle them 

happiness when cafe staff told us we could stroke all the owls whose tag was without the pink 'sleeping' tag

MEGA excitement when the staff started handing us an owl each.... 

we were chanting for it to "大便!大便!大便!大便!"... wahahahaha

and i was given this cutie pie

butt also looked so cute... heee

a puff face to go with my little puff ball... heee

me: selfie time....look in front leh..... 
cutie pie: NO!
no worries... i have my way.. =P ... tatatata....

 my little puff ball caught in the 以 act... so naughty!!!

super luv this pic cos of 蔡 mummy's cheeky expression and action...   

Alfred exchanged his small owl for another bigger one which was as manja as a cat

but only to him lo... it turned to HISS at me when i stroked him... !@#^&*()_+#$%^&*(

was surprised that we were each given this photo memento for FREE ...=D.... we thought we had to pay for it when they gathered us for the shot and were secretly discussing if we should buy it lo.... stress over nothing... wahahaha.... 

super happy to see a Yoshinoya just a street away and remembered that someone (forgot who????) told me that it's a must to try cos totally different from Singapore and totally yummilious.... 
really thummy up up.... =D 

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