Friday, October 9, 2015

hatchday treat for my sweet 24+10 with lene & chunyang

我今年 24 有 10 了

Happiness was when there was birthday off just because my special day fell on Children's Day this year... =)  

Meet Charlene for lunch @ Clarke Quay Central

price was great, variety was good but ingredient wasn't fresh enough... =S
due to the success of our art jam on her birthday in September, we decided to continue creating unique experience on our meet-ups and for my hatchday celebration, she signed us up for a basic soap making workshop with soap ministry 

the shop front @ level 2, Liang Court 

and the 'classroom' within 

there were 3 other students, a mummy and daughter pair and another little girl whose dad was sitting at the corner and busy with his phone throughout the workshop.... looked like he had paid $48 for his daughter to be entertained so that he could do his own stuff while they waited for mummy to finish her facial, menicure or spa.... our speculation.... heeee

our apparatus for the day 

the transparent soap that i had was Centella Asiatics

step 1: cut the soap into smaller pieces 

here's our soap looking like fat chunky fries after we had cut them.... Lene's white soap was goat milk soap, suitable for sensitive skin 

Step 2: Double boil the soap to melt them  

Step 3: Add 9 gram of glycerin and 1 gram of vitamin E

Step 4: choose a herb...

I chose madder root which was a perfect combo for my skin type - acne + dark circles + fine line 

the  instructor adding the madder root herb powder into my plastic jug to be mixed with the glycerin and vitamin E 

Step 5: Choose a scent 
the sweet mother and daughter pair during the scent selection  

i chose spearmint for its bubblegum smell... =D 

Step 6: Choose the silicon mold 

Step 7: Pour the melted soap into the plastic jug with glycerin, vitamin E, herbs and scent.... mix well with the ice-cream stick given before pouring the mixture into the silicon mold 

Step 7: Let the soap cool before placing them into the refrigerator to allow further solidification  

Charlene and her creation - goat milk soap base + lavender herb + lavender scent  

me and my creation - Centella Asiatics soap base + madder root herb + spearmint scent 

joyce took 东 and won $70 that night.... nobody wanted 南 so i kept it with me and lost $27 in the first week and $50 in the second week..... talking about being superstitious.... =S 

did an exchange with lene and she took the 好朋友 combo ... hope she had win more more with them

the 3 families went to the 3 couples - chunyang and ailing, mengyuan and tony & siewmei and zi chao 

something to consider for our chuas outing ... 1 kg of soap base could make about 20+ pieces of soap 

then we headed to Tang music box 

and was pleasantly surprised to see a cake  

and maggot teo waiting for us 

had a super fun time with my 2 best buds 

how not to have fun when these were the songs we sang??? hahahahahaha

oh yeah, we were 'dancing' to them as well.... 
entertainment level max... =D 

Luv this pic of both of us... 
it was a coincidence that we were in the same shade of blue on my special day... thanks for being such an accommodating friend these 20 years.... 

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