Thursday, March 17, 2016

Penang Street Art and Food

Day 1: 
we started our street art hunt on our very first night just because these were near the eatery we were at... =D 

Mrs Candy Ang and her attempt at street art...... 

Day 2: 
handsome sticker man outside Toh Soon, the breakfast eatery on our second morning  

Uncle, 我要三粒包s!

wire street art that looked so perfect during the cloudy moment

and so horrible when the sun was out.... =S  

welfie time in the shade while waiting for ms loh to complete her every street art must take at least 10 shots routine.... wahahahaha... =P 

continued seeking shelter from the unforgiving sun in one of the shops... 

another art idea for school... =D  


from what we had observed, some of the locals weren't that appreciative of their famous street art ....they just cover / obstruct the artwork with their barang barangs... =S....  but luckily, these were the minority  

such a non-threatening tanker that's filled with so much love  as shop display 

such a handsome boy.... i like....  

 i felt like a giant here... 

it was already dark when we found her....

so on Day 3, we paid her another visit.... wahahahaha


my favourite meal on the trip... tim sum breakfast on our last day... =D 

interesting baos they have.. i think one was with pumpkin filling and another was with yam filling....  =) 

took 3 months to finally blog about the last post for a trip back in March.... =P .... have been a tat too lazy and can foresee the laziness to continue.... oopx

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