Sunday, March 19, 2017

An Eventful March holiday

11 March, Saturday
celebrated the first day of hols with friends over durians!!!  
all these for $65 from chong pang market .... 有甜的, 有苦的... craving satisfied for all 4 of us... =D 

followed by a round of mahjong where i won a small token of $4... =) 

13 March, Monday

15 March, Wednesday
 it used to be "the best part of school holiday is when every day feels like weekends"... now it is, "the best part of school holiday is when i get to enjoy it with Mr Ang"... =D 

lunch @ Lola's Cafe  

16 March, Thursday
finally get to try out sushi express without having to queue... perks of weekday lunch... =D 

Mr Ang said no to buying unnecessary cute magnets... =(

checked out the IT show and ticked all 3 purchase off our "To-Buy" list.... 

first up was a new camera @ $499 for myself with many many freebies.... we received an additional 32GB SD card on top of the 16GB, another 3rd party battery, a spider tripod, a black camera bag and a red Crumpler drawstring bag  .... 

Then Mr Ang got himself a PlayStation 4 console and a 65 inch Samsung TV.... 

spotted this ridiculous rich man's car on our way to Marina Square 

and chanced upon the Underwater balloon exhibition at the central atrium 

Swensen's ice-cream during the Weekday Happy Hour 1 for 1 to end our "Pocket got hole" day... =P 

17 March, Friday
蔡妈咪 took us to her favourite massage parlor in JB when i told her i was craving for a cheap cheap & good good massage.... at $55rm for an hour of traditional thai massage, i say it's worth it to travel across the causeway on a weekday morning and i will definitely be back for more ... 

to make the trip across the causeway even more worth it, it's a must to have a cheap cheap & good good meal before we return to Singapore too... we ended up in D'Shanghai Dim Sum Restaurant in KSL and managed to bag this steal @ S$32 for all 6 bottles ... =D 

Energy was in abundance during the school holiday that i even had enough to last the night at Shanghai Dolly ... 

well, lasted till just before midnight due to the lack of luck at 5-10 and i was labeled the new weakest link ... (-_-!!!)

18 March, Saturday
It was our March's 'Happi Wife, Happi Angs' activity day... and it was baking this round.... I had sign us up with Crystalbakes and the lesson was conducted at Pasir Ris East CC. We paid $34.30 +$15 ingredient fee each for the hands-on Durain Mousse Cake & Panna Cotta workshop..
was very surprised to have an eye candy as our instructor... yet Mr Ang was the only male participant that day... 

1 kg of frozen durain in our pot to be shared among 4 paxs 

Mr Ang cooking the durain with milk till it was boiling hot to increase its shelf life ... which was totally not necessary as we finished the 7-inch cake on that night itself with 洪妈妈 and 洪小弟... =P 

whisking the eggs, custard sugar and flour till ribbon-y + folding oil into it to create the perfect mousse cake mix... ready for the oven!!! 

a very excited Mr Ang spreading the cooked durain all over and between the mousse cake before setting it to freeze...  

OMG!!! so much whipped cream..... "no no no,no whipped cream!!!" said Mr Ang....

so we created this version with just a little whipped cream in the center cos i insisted that i wanna play with the piping... 

Then we watched a demonstration on how to make Durain Panna Cotta and each of us got to bring one home.... =D 

Monday, March 13, 2017

🍒🌸 & ilight with 蔡 mummy

location : Exit B of Bayfront MRT station 
foreground : Mummy & I
background : Sol Lewitt's artwork.... an idea which i have been keeping in mind to inspire the kiddos with conceptual art... =P   

tickets to Flower Dome @ $10.20 each after a 15% discount with ocbc credit card 

spotted pineapple tarts look-alike... =D  


POLLEN, where Mr Ang & I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary 2 years ago... =)  

mummy admiring the rows of cherry blossom trees 

 budding cherry blossoms 


maybe i am not the flower flower kind of person so i wasn't really fascinated by all these cherry blossoms nor the many many different varieties of flowers.... 

 but it is still on my bucket list to be in Japan during the cherry blossom season ONE DAY... 

so when would it be a good year to take PDL or NPl in term 2 to go leh?!?!?!?!... shout-out to Shanti, can i do an attachment to your class to be a teacher assistant when the year comes???? i would love to observe how you conduct your class with the Reggio Emilia approach... =)

back to more flowers... 

took a 2 hours break @ bakerzin...
strawberry shortcake ... very yummy... very fluffy.... i like! 

then went dinosaurs spotting around the Supertree Grove 


found the dinosaurs boring and went to check out the cactus instead.... 

first time seeing a lizard displaying its dewlap... so interesting

humongous fish 

mini pineapple on a stalk....  

the weather was perfect, sun was hiding behind the clouds, cool breeze, for more chats in the open... 


朦胧胧的美 !

Dinner @ 

strolled past some of the ilight 2017 exhibits on our way towards Raffles Mrt station ...

maybe it was a Monday, there wasnt really a crowd nor mood... found this year's installations 马马虎虎 only... somehow felt that the focus this year was on the inflatable art zoo and uncle ringo amusement park instead of the light installations.... =(