Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Day 3 & 4 in Perth - High tea, Beach walk & Asian food in Perth

Guess what were we doing in somebody's house compound? 

we were 'self-invited' for their yummilious scones.... 

i ordered the blueberry lemon scone and it was heavenly yummzzz... 

Papa Teo & his princess 

Next stop - Mondo Nougat 

2nd Sept was Father's Day in Australia hence this little post on the door 

burnt another aud$70 on 'tidbits' ... nougats were @ aud$10/ pack and the peanut crunch were at aud$6 / box
these were left after the first round of sharing... =P 

a leisure walk @ Burns beach just behind the teo's apartment

Lunch was @ Hilliarys Boat Habour 

where i had Singapore Curry Mee for aud$13

Then it was back to Teo's apartment for a nap ... my kind of holiday.... wahahahaha ... 

Baby Teo's temperature rise towards the evening... must have gotten some of my ill bug ... so we decided to stay in for the whole night... much to my pleasure ... i really dun like the low temperature in Perth ... =S 

so Chunyang and I walked out to pack Jap food for dinner... yummmzzz 

my taste-bud is truly Asian..... that's y i always say i can never migrate or work full time or study in western countries ... but on second thought, maybe i should... cos confirm can lose weight or learn how to cook Asian dishes which are 2 things which will never happen when i'm base in Singapore... =D 


Thankfully, this little puff woke up perfectly fine the next morning...  
but we still decided to stay in.... better not take risk ... doctor/ clinic / healthcare in Perth not as patient friendly as here... 

lunch was @ a nearby Vietnamese eatery 
luv the bbq pork but not so much into the cold noodles ... and oh mine... the portion was huge.. could easily feed 2 pax  

then it was back to the apartment to nua more and to get ready for my flight back...and my farewell super early dinner at 5pm was bak kut teh, homecooked by Papa Teo...

Bye Bye to my favourite Teo family..... 

See ya in March 2018.... =*

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