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风水 matters for home sweet home

风水 matters for home sweet home

洪妈妈 and 洪爸爸 are super into 风水... as in they have these 2 风水 books lying permanently on their coffee table so that they can always refer to it... they also have many many 吉祥物 around the house for various purposes...

so 洪妈妈 decided to get our home sweet home 风水-tised as well... =)... basically, i wun get a 风水师 on my own accord but i wun stop anyone who is willing to pay for it for me.... oopx.... from recommendation, 洪妈妈 selected to consult Miss See Han Tee from Jmine Consulting... ...

so far, we have completed the full cycle with the 风水 process....
1) first visit - view our home sweet home to gather information

2) second visit - submit report to us, suggest first knock dates, colours to use and basic furniture arrangement

3) third visit - placing of 吉祥物 around our home sweet home so that Mr Ang and I will be goody good good in the years to come.... =)

some of the 吉祥物 we had around the house include:

This product symbolizes ancient official stamp. In ancient China, official stamps were use by royal and officials. One of the effects of this product is to boost status in career. It also induce sales. Bringing sales, or greater heights in career also would mean greater wealth. In addition to this, it also helps to stablize concentration power for students.

Dragon is known to bring Gui Ren (贵人) who is anybody that helps you directly/indirectly. They can be your boss, friends, customers or someone you may not even know, as long as their course of actions help you. General positioning of the dragon is on the left of the table. To optimize the effect, it can be placed in the Gui Ren position which is unique to individual.

Chan Chu is also known as wealth toad. It can enhance wealth by displaying it in the house looking out the main door. When placed in the house, ensure that there is no furniture between the door and Chan Chu. Avoid letting Chan Chu to face anybody in particular.

The gourd (葫芦) is effective in promoting health. Sometimes one (both Mr Ang and I) is more prone to fall ill and this is caused by the negative forces in the surroundings. In these cases, the gourd can help to minimize the negative forces. It counter attacks Sha qi (杀气) that may be working on the occupants. Hence, it can be used to provide protection too.

Qi Ling is a legendary animal which is known to have a gentle nature and does not harm human and even plants. It is believed that it only appears during peaceful and prosperous times or when saints are around. It is powerful in terms of warding away evil or negative forces from physical environment or people (小人). This product will be very suitable for people who often need to deal with difficult people or are highly susceptible to backstabbing and betrayals. As this product is made of jade, this will further enhance its protective properties. It brings harmony in relationships with people as well. In additional to the above effects, it also helps in increasing prosperity in the family in terms of wealth and even fertility.

all photos and write-up from Jmine Consulting website.... dun dare to take my own photo...scare will reduce the power of the 吉祥物... 哈哈哈

so now if you come my house, you can try to take part in what i call the 吉祥物 treasure hunt.... there are a total of 9 goldish items, 2 jade items and 2 ping pong balls hidden around the house.... angela took part yesterday and till now she still cant locate the last item.... hee....

maybe i should give a prize to whoever can locate all 13 items say within 1 hour??? hahaha....

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