Monday, May 23, 2011

Florence - Cinque Terre

Florence - Cinque Terre

as i m very sure that after 3 days of churches and domes and museums in rome, i would definitely not wan to visit any more churches and domes and museums in florence (if i have the choice of cos)... and was pretty glad that i really do have the choice.... =).... the alternative is a hiking trip in cinque terre .... yes yes yes... dun laugh.... i chose a hiking trip unlike me.... i m too nua to opt for a hiking trip liao... but i did... and paid for S$150 per person for it somemore... i must be mad... that's wat churches + domes + museums did to me... =S

went online to look for some photos on the place.... so colourful buildings....pretty pretty hor.... dun know if they did photoshop anot lo... hope not...

Highlights of the trip:

Hiking trip to Cinque Terre from Florence
Spectacular coastal views along the Cinque Terre
Guaranteed to visit all 5 Cinque Terre villages
Lunch in a local restaurant overlooking the blue sea and hillsides covered with vineyards
Soak up the old-world atmosphere as you explore Cinque Terre villages on foot
40-minute boat ride along the Riviera (weather permitting)
Take a swim in the clear, blue water at Vernazza or Monterosso
Transport from Florence to Cinque Terre by air-conditioned coach

think my concentration was on the "clear, blue water" that i overlook "Guaranteed to visit all 5 Cinque Terre villages on foot" how how.... abit regret now leh as i type.... why did i choose to torture myself on my honeymoon??? confirm will get butt ache, tigh ache and everywhere ache one lo.... but paid US $230 for both of us liao leh...cannot say dun wanna go then dun go de leh... haix... think i better start to do some climbing ..... but from review and lily (Mr Ang's cousin), it's a place worth visiting.... keeping fingers crossed....

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