Sunday, September 4, 2011

pups @ 3r3r4 months old

Pups @ three 'n' three quarter months old

coincidentally, pups' hatchday is also on 10th May...same as Mr Ang... =) ... so in another week's time, they will be 4 months and comparing it to a human's age.... they are considered to be around 28 months liao oh....

within the 2 months that they are with us, they have learnt how to remain seated when papa is giving out treats treats ... =)

they had also learnt to return to the tray of newspaper to pee and poo when they are let out to play and also not to go into the living room.... their playground is limited to the kitchen for now as we find that they tend to forget to pee and poo at the correct place when they are too far away.... boundaries can always be redrawn as they grow older.... =).... brownie has also learnt not to snatch snowy's food after she has finished with hers.... great effort on her part!!!....good dogthers we have....heee

they luv to play the game called "attack daddy"... hahaha ... and daddy has difficulty differentiating them apart...wahahaha.... lousy daddy ...;P

and they luv to snuggle up to mummy when mummy returns after a long day at work....

and yes, they do wait patiently in turn to be cuddled too... =)

this is snowy in her unglam napping position...

so adorable hor??? luv them max max.... snowy to the left and brownie to the right

approximate spending on them is $83 for grooming and transportation every 2 months.... $28 per pack of dog food every 1.5 months.... $3 per pack of tissue wipe to clean the cage every 3 weeks..... so i guess that's less than $100 per month bah.... =)

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