Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Europe (2)

Bits and Pieces of Europe (2)
either his or mine was kept....couldnt match a pair....hahahha

this sticker thingy is so interesting and so considerate

yeap....i even stun the menu back....cos i had accidentally crumpled it a little so dun think they would wan to recycle it.... the coffee mousse was SUPER YUMMILIOUS lo.... =)

namecard of Bed & Breakfast place in Rome
  and its wifi access

Bus/Train Tickets

Entrance tickets to vatican museum...the one with tons and tons of (boring) white statues....yawnS....

Part of our rome map.... a must to have as the 'must visit' places in rome are mostly within 'walking' distance....

more parts on Bits & Pieces of Europe to come as i'm digitalising all the itsy bitsy stuff that i collected during the trip....had wanted to make a scrapbook on our honeymoony with these bits & pieces but was too busy & too lazy....oopx.... so took photos of them for membrance and in the bin they went...oopx.....=P

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