Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Parties

Christmas Party

from the gold theme xmas party in 2006
(i had gold fingernails)

to the hawaii theme xmas party in 2007

to the pyjamas theme xmas party in 2008

we gonna have a geeky/nerdy/tootoo theme xmas party this year after a 2 years break... =)

went online to do some research and gotten some inspirations.... hahahaha....

so basically, a pair of black frames, high waist bottom with belt, tucked in top, cardigan and centre parting hair will do the trick.... pens and pencils in pockets would be a bonus too... =)

so presenting mr ang and my attire for tonight.... heee...

my black frame is a hello kitty one with a cute cute pink ribbon de oh....and i purposely accessorise it with the pearl necklace which xinying gave me for xmas exchange.... =) ... it's so funny how individual okay pieces when put together wrongly will be so disastrous....hahahahha......

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