Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A is for Art 2012 - Shapes & Patterns

A is for Art 2012 - Shapes & Patterns 

the last instalment of the art challenge before the visit to the Asian Civilisation Museum is on Shapes and Patterns. 

I did not want the pupils to do the usual kind of family portrait as suggested in the Teacher's Manual as I find it kind of boring. And the pupils have plenty of opportunities to do that in Term 1 journal almost every year. 

So I asked the pupils to draw clothings or accessories to represent their family members instead. They have to use colours, patterns and sizes to represent each of their family members. 

Trousers by Farhana 

Watches by Mandy

as always, sharing is a common practice after every activiy...
here we have Celena (above) and Maleha (below) sharing their artwork 

Then we went for a walk to look for shapes around the schools. Along the way, we introduced what were organic shapes and what were the differences between organic shapes and the geometric shapes which the kids were more familiar with. 

and with the shapes that they observed around the school, the pupils were told to chose a few of their favourite shapes to create a pattern that they would like to see on a fabric and paint was selected to be used for this activity. 

Masterpiece by Maleha 

 Masterpiece by Qian Qian 

Masterpiece by Mandy 


Reflections from challengers:
- squares, circles, rectangles and triangles are not the only shapes
- it's special drawing family portrait without the people but with the clothes only
- i learnt more about shapes like that a brick can be an irregular shape
- i found out that we can draw clothings, watch etc to represent our family. I like it. It is very interesting. 

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