Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super Lousy Courier Service (Ta-Q-Bin)

Super Lousy Courier Service (Ta-Q-Bin)

wanted to go shopping last weekend but ended up online shopping due to the rain.... bought a plentiful of clothes and a bag from cleocat and had arranged for them to be delivered on 10 May before 11am but the parcel was nowhere to be seemed even when i left the house at 1135am. 

reached home that night and saw a form indicating that there was nobody to pick up the parcel when it was delivered. Checked the  timing and saw that cleocat had indicated the timing to be between 8 to 12nn. Cleocat's fault for not indicating the timing accurately! Nevermind x 1! 

I tried to call the hotline 18002255888 but couldn't get through.... i called so many times till i could memorise the number by heart already lo. Sent an email to cleocat to tell them about the situation and they replied me with a website for me to arrange for a re-delivery. Fine! I do it myself!

arranged it to be on 13 May between 2 to 5pm but again no show! Called the hotline, waited for more than 10 minutes and was told that i had called the operation department and as the admin department is not in operation as it was a sunday, they are unable to tell me why it was not delivered. Nevermind x 2!

arranged for another re-delivery to be on 17 May before 12nn. Even received an email confirming the re-delivery but AGAIN NO SHOW!!!! tried calling and calling and could only get through half an hour later.... really feel like screaming at the operator but knowing that it's not her fault, i controlled myself...din screamed but she definitely could hear that i was very angry ... she said that the truck would only leave the company at 2pm. Really is nonsense lo. Delivery supposed to be before 12 noon but delivery truck only leave the company at 2pm. What nonsense right??? really feel like sprouting vulgarity la.... !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#&**&^$#@ ... argh!!!!

so arranged for another another re-delivery to be between 7 to 8pm today. Had plans to go for facial one lo.... Haix.... really lousy service.... so lousy that i wrote this blogpost about it....=S.... 

And finally, yes!!!..... my shoppings arrived at 7.43pm today.....i'm a happy girl now!!!.... can play dress up liao....wahahaha..... =) 


Anonymous said...

Don't even bother with this courier company. They were supposed to deliver my parcel to my house today and I was home from 5pm (my delivery time was 5pm to 8pm). Until 8pm, nobody showed up. I called the company and the hotline is already closed at 8 plus, when the site shows the hotline is opened till 9pm. I did a check on my tracking number on the site and it shows undelivered.

Shocked, I did a search on the internet. Just google for Ta-Q-Bin and apart from the first result, the rest are all complaints, complaints and more complaints from this company. If you are a seller and you want your customers to get pissed, use this company. If you are a and you want to piss yourself off, use this company too!

-Candy- said...

totally understand your frustration.... :)