Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bangkok Bangkok Here I come

Bangkok Bangkok Here I come (again)

first trip to Bangkok was a 'secretly run away trip' with casper, eve and ah niu niu. 

it was a 2002 - 2003 跨年 holiday... told my mum that i was having a chalet....oopx.... and got caught cos i was on the same flight back as her friend.... suay to the max.... =S... 

second trip was with vivian, stayed over at aaron's apartment in 2006, robbed him of his king size bed and banished him to sleep on the foldable bed....wahahaha.... was too busy and tired from all the shopping that we din take any photos throughout the trip.... 

third trip was with the 4 nie ladies, michelle, mab, claire and laurice in Jan 2007
5 girls in a room....all shopaholics.... so imagine the mess, mountains and mountains of clothings, shoes, stationery (we bought a truckload of children's day presents) .... heee

fourth trip was with joyce, ailing and chunyang... was a 2 day phuket and 2 day bangkok trip in dec 2008

as you can see, i had visited Bangkok 4 times in 5 was way too much till i felt that i had enough of Bangkok.... wanna spent my holidays visiting other countries....and so it has been 4 years since i last stepped foot in Bangkok and the craving to shop (running low on stationery, hair clips, shorts and t-shirts) there is back since beginning of this year... =) 

been trying to find pockets of time and a travelling kaki to go on a shopping trip to bangkok but to no avail....Mr Ang is no fan of bangkok.... =(.... 

but 皇天不负有心人, a check with mabel on her diving course resulted in a confirmed bangkok trip this sept holiday... yippy ya yo... 

booked the plane tix immediately from scoot.... cost us $210+ each... we also booked accommodation at Baiyoke Boutique Hotel via Asia room liao... 1600thb per room per night which equates to about $32 per person per night based on the current exchange rate of S$1 = 25thb .... comes with daily buffet breakfast oh..... happiness.... =D 

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