Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 3 - ATPP Camp

"Go out the the little patch of grass and see how many different greens you can find?" 'ordered' our trainer.

And these were what i saw...

the activity was to OPEN our eyes to the different types of greens that we could possibly get from 'playing' with our paint. 

Setting up my paint platter.... it was so fun squirting the colourful paint onto the plate blob by blob.... trying to arrange them from lightest to darkest... 

trainer demonstrated how she used a single fan brush to create different strokes for the trunks, leaves and weeds... 

then we were allowed to paint anything that we wished to represent ourselves so i did this

always envy those dancers who moves around so gracefully on and off stage

and my coursemates did these

for the finale of the camp, we were asked to use any medium and style of presentation to illustrate our role as an art educator


did a bit of scrapbooking for the class photo taken on the last day of the camp.... thanks brenda for developing it for us... 

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