Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Birthday (2) - RSS

met the RSS gang for dinner at Paradise Dynasty @ ion to try their xiao long bao  which was strongly recommended by casper....was happy to see that there was a 1-for-1 xiao long bao promotion for citibank card holder... =D

slight disappointment when we read the terms & conditions - only 1 redemption is allowed per table and the complimentary basket of xiao long bao is limited to the 6pcs original de lo... but luckily, their food was yummilious... =) 

introducing the members of the RSS gang and its associates
ailing & chunyang 

casper & caroline

last but not least Yuan and her basket of xiao long bao... =P
this girl ordered a basket of the famous 8 colours/favours xiao long bao so that she can try each and every favour.... and because of this, she was labelled as the selfish yuan the whole night.... wahahaha

while chunyang, ailing, caroline and I shared a basket and since i won the "oh ah bei ya som", i get to choose first and i took the cheese 
and the original favour 

my main course - spicy dumpling noodles.... very yummi... luv luv...  

headed over to Balaclava @ ion where they sang me a very soft birthday song over a mini birthday cupcake from awfully chocolate.... heee 

they were much more lenient this year with the candles.... still have the scary memory of the 30 candles they placed on my birthday cake last year lo... 


super happy birthday girl finishing up the yummilious cupcake 

really good live band ... 3 sets every night.... first set starts at 940pm and last set ends at 1am

the latecomer....what a good laugh we had when this sunshine couple wore couple tee.... wahahaha

more photos with friends of more than 18 years..... 
the cool blackies

the polka dots babes

my first drink of the night.... Jager Bomb...sweet sweet de...i like.... but not suitable for a chill night.... more suitable for a clubbing night cos have to drink it all in one shot....

my 2nd drink - tasted like gassy apple juice  

my 3rd and last drink - bacardi 151...which has a 75.5% alcohol content.... numbed my tongue la... =S

ending the post with the crew that made the night possible.... thanks for the great friendship and great company all these years.... riverside class 7 rocks.... =D  

the guys of the night 

and the babes 

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