Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hong Kong & Macau Itinerary

Planning for Hong Kong is so much easier than planning for our taipei trip cos only need to plan for 3.5 days worth of activities

Day 1 - 14 Dec, Friday
- arrive at hong kong airport at 12.20pm
- buy octopus card for mtr 
- take bus A11 (HK$40, 40 minutes) to our apartment at Wan Chai which I booked through airbnb

- check in around 2pm
- start of our 吃东西,买东西 near our apartment which is at wan chai street market area - mtr exit A3

Actual day post on transport from singapore to the apartment)

- proceed to the peak at around 430pm

- mtr to Central station --> walk towards Garden Road --> Peak Tram Terminus
- ticket for tram ride + sky pass = (HK$65 = S$10) 
- visit Peak Tram Museum @ lower tram terminus, free entry, 7am to 12mn
- visit Sky Terrance 428 for the 360 degree view of HK at 428m above sea level 

(Actual Day post on the tram ride + peak)

- visit Mdm Tussauds wax museum after 8pm to enjoy the discounted online ticket at HK$129.50 (S$20.50) 

(Actual Day post on Mdm Tussauds wax museum)

- room sweet room

Day 2 - 15 Dec, Saturday
 - going to OCEAN PARK.. =) .... been to HK twice and had never been to ocean park.... so this time, we are forgoing disneyland  as me and jasmine had been there b4 liao... heee... dun think the  guys would mind not visiting disneyland de.... 

- ocean park seems more fun anyway.... it's like a underwater world + zoo + theme park all in one la and is much cheaper than disneyland too.... ocean park is HK$280 (S$44.40) while disneyland is HK$399 (S$63.30)

Citybus (Route 629) from admiralty / central mtr station – 25 minutes – (HK$10.60 = S$1.80) – to: 9am to 4pm (interval of 10 mins), return: 11am to 9pm
- must remember to bring extra set of clothing or poncho to keep dry in water games 

(Actual Day post on Ocean Park) 

- Lan kwai fung (Central mtr station)

- Cab from ocean park to lan kwai fang is hk$85 (S$13.50 = S$3.40)
- Shuttle bus from ocean park to central mtr (HK$10.60 = S$1.80 each)
- exit D2, turn right theatre lane, turn left queen’s road central,  walk up D’Aguilar street

- Room sweet room 

Day 3 - 16 Dec, Sunday 
- 5 minute walk to wan chai ferry terminal   
- take the 8 minute ferry to Tsim sha tsui, choose the upper deck to enjoy the view of victoria harbour 
- HK$2.20 = S$0.40 (cheaper than taking mtr i assume)

-  it shall be a whole day of  吃东西,买东西 at ladies street (12nn - 12mn), temple street (6pm - mn) and area around mongkok, yau ma tei, jordan and tsim sha tsui....just soaking in the typical HK streets that we often see in HK dramas.... =D

- avenue star @ tsim sha tsui waterfront near the cultural centre to watch the symphony of light (14 minutes light & sound show) at 8pm
- can tune in to FM103.4 for english narration

- Room sweet room  

(Actual day post from mongkok to tsim sha tsui)

Day 4 - 17 Dec, Monday
- take mtr to sheung wan station, exit D
- an hour cotai ferry to macau (9am, 930am) at HK$302 (S$48) - round trip....why choose this ferry over the rest leh... cos they have a birthday promotion.... =) 
- since dominic is a december baby, he gets to enjoy the birthday promotion (yes, for all international travellers) at HK$198 (S$31.50) for himself and a guest

- look for half day city tour within the ferry terminal, approx $138 (S$22) ... this will help us save the hassle of transportation... key places that is a must see are:

St Paul Ruins

Senado Square

Macau Tourist Tower

- take free shuttle bus and visit as many casinos as possible not for the gambling but for the beautiful interior.... 

Venetian  Casino
back to venice / Marina Sands??? Why all same concept de??? 

MGM Hotel 

- ferry back at 1730pm

- last round of HK shopping 

- room sweet room 

(Actual Day post to macau) 

Day 5 - 18 Dec, Tuesday
- check out by 10am
- bus A11 to airport 
- check in at 1120am
- refund octopus card



rose said...

Hi Candy, I happened to check out your blog while researching about HK/Macau trip. Will be going there on 31th Dec 2012 for 5D4N. I have few questions to ask about your trip. Can I have your email address so that we chat further? - Rose =)

-Candy- said...

you can reach me at =)

xxx said...

Might wanna give yourself another 30mins for taking A11 to airport. The bus comes every 20mins I think. Missed one and you may not arrive at airport by 11.20am.

-Candy- said...

thanks for your advice... really appreciated it... =D

David mak said...

Hi candy
I m planning a 5 days f&e to BK sometime in April. Your iternitery suit me quite nice. Can I email u for some questions.


-Candy- said...

Hi David,
you can post your question here and i'll try my best to help.... i seldom log into my hotmail acct nowadays.... =)

David mak said...

I like your apartment. ... can share the contact n info with me. .... how much per day for 2 persons. .. how to book it. ... thk

Jackson Ho said...

I like your apartment. can share the contact n info with me? how to book it thanks ?

-Candy- said...

Hi Jackson, i booked the apartment thru there are plenty of choices for you to choose. this one that i've gotten is a 2 small room apartment at wan chai area.

David mak said...

Going from HK to Macau, do sg need another other permits or just go n visit....csn get bk to me...I m going 2mrw....thk

-Candy- said...

Hi David, there's no need for permit for singaporean. Just go with your passport. =). Enjoy ur trip!!!

Huifang said...

Hi there, I am planning to go on a trip with my bf and I was thinking you can send me your itinerary to help me with my planning!
My email address is
Thank you!