Friday, March 22, 2013

E stands for Emperor

C stands for Cramp
D stands for Dopey

E stands for Emperor

after watching 甄嬛传 

and 步步惊心

i conclude that being an emperor is one of the worst and saddest life anyone could have la.... really dun understand why princes of those time would sabotage, harm and ever kill each other just to get the throne....

imagine a life that you have to constantly worry that someone, especially those close to you, is out to betray you, out to back stab you and out to kill's a very lonely life la...   =S

and because of all the power struggle and cat fights between the empress and the thousands of concubines (heard of 后宫三千佳丽???), many of the emperor's most love women were murdered or poisoned or just disappeared mysteriously ... but i dun blame the women for being bitchy and scheming lo.... which women can take it lying down to share a man who they love??? 要怪就怪男人太多情!!! ... =P 

though emperors had endless women and they could just request for any women who they set their eyes on, they also need to sleep with women they did not love nor like, sometimes even hate, just because of politic reasons, example if the concubine was the sister or daughter of some important general who won numerous war etc.... i somehow feel that emperor could feel like a gigolo at times lo.... =S

the number of princes and princess who managed to survive all the scheming plot in the palace and grew into adulthood is very small despite the many many women that the emperor bedded... 

such a scary life right???? 
it's really a case of 有了全世界又如何? 

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