Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Singapore's B stands for Botanic Gardens

There's a school holiday special promotion going on at the National Orchid Garden from 25 May to 9 June 2013, 

Free admission to all school students and accompanying adults* during the opening hours of 8.30am to 7.00pm (last admission at 6.00pm).

*There is no limit to the number of adults each student can bring. Admission eligibility conditions as follows

(1) Any children 12 years old and below.

(2) Any student, regardless of their age and nationality, who is able to present his/her student card that has not expired, which was issued by a local/foreign education institution.

(3) Anyone, regardless of age and nationality, who does not falls under any of the above 2 points but is accompanying someone who falls under any of the above 2 points (Points 1 and 2).

(4) There is no limit on the number of accompanied visitors each student can bring into the National Orchid Garden. 


while on the way to botanic garden, i found out that this is how my mr ang drives....
slap forehead!!!.... aiyo.... so unglam de... wahahahaha.... 


picked Food for Thoughts over Halia for lunch within Botanic Gardens; 

Mr Ang had a ginormous breakfast set at $20

while i had my roasted broccoli and grilled prawn pasta at $17

no foodcourt at Botanic Gardens... even the small snack kiosk sells hotdog bun at $5 each... so ex!

should have prepared our own picnic basket.... 

so pretty under the sun ray....  

mini couple with reference to the gigantic tree 


not really a fan of trees.... so we decided to check out the National Orchid Garden instead.....

super relaxing to be loitering around the garden aimlessly, especially when the weather was fantastic... no sun yet not too cloudy.... and surrounded by pretty orchids.... and mischievous squirrels jumping among the bushes, shrubs and trees..... =) 

...Be prepared for an endless stream of orchids picx...

my favourite!!!!

pink jagged edge leaves

tsk tsk tsk.... =S

interesting growth of trunk/branches?!?!?!?!

i had a super Happi Date Day with Mr Ang!!!!

and yes, we are going for more dates from now till august before he starts his super on-the-ball studying routine again... =P 

a far cry from the original but still cute (and sleepy), according to my standard, wahahahaha... 


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Monday, May 27, 2013

Singapore's A stands for Art garden 2013

Had tons of fun doing the A to Z blog challenge previously.... and decided to do an extension to it... presenting my version:

 ~ The Singapore's A to Z blog challenge ~

am going to find interesting things to do or interesting places to visit within singapore, in chronological order, and hopefully my weekends will be more fun and entertaining oh... =) 


A stands for Art Garden 2013

it's on from 17 May to 1 September 2013 and it's the 4th year that the Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q is organising this exhibition for the young ones (5 - 8 yrs old) and the young at heart... 

Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q is at 8 Queens Street, located just in front of Bras Basah Mrt station exit B. Admission is free for all singapore citizens and permanent residents and students studying in Singapore (so bring along ur IC/student pass/birth certificate)...

otherwise, it's $10 for an adult and $5 for a child.... but it's free for everybody if you visit on Fridays between 6 - 9pm... =) 


Welcoming you at the entrance is this collaborative project, titled 'Landscape in the Box', between SAM and NUS Architecture Department. 

The content of each of the 134 boxes represents the idea that each architecture student has about Singapore. The boxes were then put together to present their collective vision of the Singapore landscape. 

 Close-up on some of my favourites: 

 i realised that i prefer abstract representation when it comes to art... =P... 

more information on the artists' thought processes and inspiration can be found in the online journal created... =) 

there's also a QR code attached to every box for visitors who wants to find out more right there and then.. =) 


On the 1st level just behind the wall of information:


is the "The Enchanted Garden City" by Sandra Lee

prior to the visit, visitors might want to read up on some classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes  because this installation is all about fairytales, with an Asian twist!!!
Jack & the Beanstalk 

Little Red Riding Hood who's in a red kebaya and  holding a basket of ang ku kueh for grandma... =) 

Goldilocks and the 3 Panda Bears

The 3 Billy Goats

with the ugly troll under the bridge

Hansel & Gretal who are in baju kurong and instead of the candy cottage, it's an attap cottage.... =D

Rapunzel with her Indian Prince 

The old lady who lived in the 3-inch chinese shoe

There are 4 different activity sheets which visitors can request from the friendly personnels who are stationed around the gallery...

my favourite is the one where visitors get to draw within the picture of a mirror their own version of an enchanted garden and the personnels will magically project it on a life-size mirror ...  =) 

Do remember to wear unique shoes though so that it's easier to locate them after the gallery visit... =P   

Level 2:

15 local short films that's bound to capture the attention of children... more details of each of the films can be found here


Also at level 2:
by Vicente Delgado

kitty kitty 

with 4 giant kaleidoscopes at the entrance, 2 on the left and another 2 on the right

the room

motifs in the room were inspired by the HDB metal grilles, bunny, sepak takraw and even some doraemon look-alike creatures

another kitty kitty from the other end

Hands-on corner where visitors can make a mini kaleidoscope with a minimum donation of $2. Visitors can also decorate the hot-air balloon activity sheet for display on the wall...

Level 3: STELLAR Cave II by Julien Salaud

a room full of glowing constellations of stars....My favourite of all.... =).... 

the artist, together with 11 assistants, took 10 days to create this installation with only 30km of cotton thread which are coated with ultra-violet paint and thousands of screws. 

Visitors can have a try at twirling the wool around the screws too... there are a total of 12 designs to choose from... =) 

in the attached room, is "The Incredibly Magical Expanding Room" by Mojoko & Shang Liang 

Try singing, shouting, squeaking, groaning to experience a 'moving' room where the designs on the walls change in respond to your volume and pitch.

Also at level 3, is
by Stephane Blanquet

Using a compare and contrast idea, a bright and cheery bedroom 

is magically transformed into dark and mysterious one at a 180 degree turn of the bed... 

 Activity room

where visitors can take part in a mask-making activity.


Level 4:
Love. Revolve the World by Sun Yu-li 



Cross the zebra crossing outside 8Q and walk towards the front lawn of SAM... 

you will be welcomed with a butt shot of Walter, the humongous inflatable rabbit, by Dawn Ng


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