Sunday, May 5, 2013

Q stands for my favourite Quote

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby
I stands for I
J stands for Jobs
K stands for Kitchen deco
L stands for Life is good
M stands for My Man and his 1st car
N stands for NTU

Q stands for my favourite Quote

i love quotes...inspirational one, educational one, those talking about love and family one.... all i love.... that's y u see me liking most of them on facebook.... =) .... quotes basically sum up how i feel/agree in just one sentence.... short & sweet... my style... 

and my all time favourite quote is:
i forgot where i read it from but i have the feeling that i must have read it when i was recouping from a failed relationship cos under normal circumstances, i where got so bo liao to go read up on such  inspiring and motivational stuff, especially when it was at a time before facebook (= no sharing!?!?)..... 

and it is this quote that got me an enemy.... wahahaha.... 

at first glance, the quote does look very selfish.... but after reading more on it.... it's more about embracing yourself, learning not to bully yourself (委屈自己) too much and how to not endure all the shitty stuff around.... 
it does make a lot of sense to me cos if I dun know how to love myself, how can i expect others to love me leh??? 

if i dun 委屈自己 to do nonsense stuff and i let others know that they shouldn't trouble me with their nonsense stuff, then they will sooner or later know that they shouldn't trouble me with nonsense stuff.... others wun know that i dislike doing nonsense stuff if i choose to suffer in silence right???  

example: hubby is sitting at home 翘脚-ing and asks me to buy coffee for him from the coffee shop.... i would confirm guarantee + chop say no..... but i would say, i 陪 you go buy together k??? but guilty to say, i used to use my authority as a 大姐 to bully my younger siblings like that... oopx....i'm so sorry, As....

and if i am always demeaning myself and feeling all inferior and upset about anything and everything that is happening or has happened to me, i would definitely not be able to bring joy and happiness and say nice things to other people too right???? cos most of the time, i would be complaining non-stop.... =( 

and now, i'm gonna love myself abit more by doing some online shopping...... wahahahaha...... ciao!!!! 

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