Monday, May 20, 2013

W stands for Wulai (tw) & 乌云

W stands for Wulai, taipei

after 3 days in taichung area, i plan to spend the remaining 3 days of my june taiwan trip in taipei.... Was cracking my brain on where to visit since i had already visited most of the attractions in taipei last june with the Angs when i recalled reading about WULAI... =)   

Wulai is another hotspring area, besides beitou, and is about an hr and a half away from ximending area... just take the train to xin dian station and hop onto bus 849 at NT$40 each.... 

Wulai area seems to be a rustic area (i like) with tram & cable car rides, nice scenery and great street food (mummy and alfred like!!!) ... =) 

updates on 20 June 2013:
wulai hotspring
wulai waterfall 
W stands for 乌云 (wu yun)

to compensate for the short short post.... added in another 'W' video... -  it's a song by Tanya Chua, titled "Don't come and trouble me" - singlish translation.... wahahahaha

luv it for the catchy tune and chorus:

wu  yun  wu  yun  kuai  zou  kai
乌 云 乌 云 快 走 开

ni  ke  zhi  dao  wo   bu  chang  dai   ba   san
你 可 知 道 我 不  常  带 把 伞

dai   ba   san
带 把 伞    - Oh Woo

it has this lazy lazy style which i likey much much.... =) 

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