Tuesday, June 11, 2013

From Singapore to Taichung

 Happy trio waiting for our scoot flight at 0055..... Yawn!!!!
cost us $440.57 each

 the beginning of our 大吃大喝 trip with a supper at TCC before boarding the plane.... =) 

i strongly believe our pilot was speeding as we landed at taipei at 5.05am instead of 5.40am as stated... =P .... 

first stop: foodcourt 

breakfast set of a bowl of porridge and a cup of milk tea at NT$100 (S$4.30)

 at 7am sharp, we were at the customer service counter to apply for the youth card for alfred which will give him discount to some of the attractions within taiwan... 

Next, we followed the signage

bought our ticket at NT$240 (S$10.35) from free-go bus company

 bus arrived at berth

sleepy sleepy us on the bus

and 2.5 hours later, we reached taichung train station at 10am

and 10 minutes later, of which 5 minutes was spend looking at the map, 

we reached 

our room 406
 family room for 4 that cost NT$2731 (S$118.74) per night when booked through agoda.... comes with breakfast and free wifi (very impt).... cheaper than booking through the hotel website itself.... weird!!!! 

we could only deposit our luggage as check-in time was 3pm...... ='( .... 


Anonymous said...

Hey, very detailed itinerary planning! I could use them for my next year trip in June as well. I have visited Taipei twice and I would like to travel further down.
Understand that June is not exactly a good period to travel due to rains/floods/typhoons/earthquakes. I wonder if I should just stay in Taipei instead (tad boring :/)instead of travelling down to Taichung/SML/Cingjing. Any advise?

Candy Chua said...

do travel out of taipei, there's so much different things to see and experience... and yes, june is a wet month but thankfully i have not encounter the floods/typhoons/earthquake during both my june trip to taiwan...
i would suggest Cing Jing is a must go... and if u like the night market in taipei, all the more u should go to taichung for feng jia night market and yi zhong jie... =) .... sun moon lake to me was okioki only as it was cloudy when i went so it doesn't really wow me...

JX said...

Saw ur post in hwz so I came to read up ur blog.. I like your blog about Taichung.. I think I will book this 53 hotel during my April stay next year.. May I know is it advisable to stay there for 2 nights? Or actually 1 night will be good enough?

Candy Chua said...

one night is more than enough bah.... i headed over to cing jing and stayed at starry minus the next day so that i dun have to spend time travelling back to taichung