Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good 9 Stay @ Ximending

our remaining stay in taipei is located IN the ever popular ximending area.... 

exit 6 of ximen station

look right for KFC logo

turn left at KFC, walk past 2 or 3 stalls and turn left into this alley

and another 2 or 3 stalls later....tatatata

basically it's just a 5 mins walk lo.... =) .... highly recommended for its convenience.... 

our room which cost us $120 per room for 3 per night through agoda... 

dun seem to have their own website... can email them at for reservation though... =) .... the recep said that rates will be cheaper via direct email as agoda takes up to 20% commission oh.... 

besides its convenience, i luv how thoughtful it is at providing useful information for tourists.. =) 

 This train map which the recep gave has all the attractions labelled at its nearest train station for easy reference.... i am so gonna laminate it for future trips.... =) 

There's even suggestions on what to eat at the different night markets

info on how to travel out of taipei as well... =) 


the hotel is also just a stone throw away from the famous Ah Zhong Mee Suan which mum and alfred visit almost everyday

 a small bowl cost NT$45 (S$1.95) while the big bowl cost NT$60 (S$2.60) 
forever hungry son and mummy combo

local street stalls for dinner which would always be less than S$10  for 3 of us


street art which cost NT$100 (S$4.30) 
a very cute artist who rumbles non-stop while he creates


peeped into this quad room which was just opposite our room during their housekeeping.... so dainty right???? .... i like.... 

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