Monday, June 10, 2013

Ready for taiwan

after 2 months of planning and waiting.... my taiwan trip with 蔡 mummy and alfred is finally 近在咫尺... =)

though excited but due to my power-packed procrastination skill, i only packed my luggage yesterday afternoon and only after repeated warnings from mr ang that i would not have enough time to do it last night since we would be catching a movie; Now you see it (damn nice la!) and also no time this morning since i had to be back in school to clear a truckload of admin stuff (rams, consent form, aor, bus booking for P1 & P3 learning journeys) ... =S 

hopefully i have all the things that i need and in sequence of importance, they are 

(1) passport - checked

looking at my crappy passport photo, i have to agree with this quote:

"Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo." 

(2) shopping allowance - checked

wonder if S$450 worth of shopping money is enough for each of us..... 

(3) clothes - checked

shorts, blouses, slippers for rainy days, tankini for hot spring and intimate 'bikinis' ... oh no, i forgot my shades!!!! 

(4) toiletries in mama bag and make-up in baby bag - checked

shampoo, body wash, toothpaste...... thank god mr ang reminded me of my toothbrush this morning... hee.... and oh no, i forgot my retainers.... =S 

(5) first aid kit - checked

painkillers, diarrhea pills, mopiko, mosquito patch, plasters, flu pills, oilment for motion sickness and 膏药布.... 

(6) itinerary - checked

(7) tupperware for 太阳饼 - checked 

thanks vivian for the wonderful date, i have to lug at least 10 boxes of 太阳饼 home.... =S

yes.... and with all these can travel liao.... =) 

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