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IVP4403 - New Media (1)

This course introduces students to foundational aspects of working with new media technologies. It will equip students with fundamental and technical knowledge of and skills in digital camera handling. The course will also inculcate in student teachers the abilities to explore digital still-image making, digital videography and stop-motion animation photography, with emphasis on process skills such as narrative and sequencing that are important in new media studies. 

Lesson conducted by Paul Lincoln on every Friday at 230pm - 530pm in NIE-3-B1-06
lesson 1 - 16 aug 2013

after defining the visual attributes that make photographs special and how they influence the viewers to respond to the images, we were tasked to search for 3 images online that captured our attention based on its visual attributes and not its content.  

Ana introduced us to 500px, a website with super many beautiful pixs. After browsing through a few pages, i realised that pictures that are symmetrical and balanced tend to capture my attention more easily... 

i selected this picture of Princes Pier in Melbourne taken by wolongshan for class sharing and discussion 

it's a 75% symmetric photo/ a little asymmetric as the left and right are not really mirror image of each other... besides creating a repetitive pattern, the way the logs/piling are lined created a leading line from the middle front to the diminishing point at the horizon.... the horizon is also at the top 3rd position which adhere to the rule of 3rds ... 

we were told this photo could be taken with a long shuttle exposure and hence the misty/frosted effect of the water and the clouds.... the mistiness was created as the water surface and the clouds were still in motion during the long exposure that could last for mins.... this picture could even be taken in darkness since long exposure in bright lights could have resulted in an over-exposed pix.... 

KK submitted a pix that demonstrates 'alternate viewpoint' ... the black camels are actual the shadows

another pix of KK which demonstrates 'framing'.... the ellipse produced by the clouds in the foreground had created a frame for the sun in the background

zuby's minimalist photo which evoked feelings such as loneliness, perseverance,  survival against all odds etc 

i like how the paul used sketches on the board to explain the meaning of the attributes and had us (students) to search for the images online that shows these attributes and then used OUR pixs to introduce more attributes... =) 

final thought for the class - photography is all about CHEATING.... even without photoshop, images can be manipulated with the different type of lens and techniques etc.... =S

no wonder places of interest/travel never look as good as those which i saw while doing research online - feel so cheated but i am interested to learn to be a good cheat.... wahahahaha... =) 


this is part 3 of 7 parts to the series "Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education". A series of blog posts that are updated weekly (from aug - nov) to document the activities, progress and learning point(s) from the week's lessons... =) 

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