Tuesday, November 26, 2013

looking forward to Maldives

Out of the blue, Mr Ang asked how's 2014 CNY hol planning coming along. I replied there was none as i thought he was just joking when he made the comment earlier this year. He said he was not and he wants out during CNY. 

More than happy to obliged.... hee.... Surf surf surf all the budget airlines as usual.

(1) Langkawi flight was $500 each - been there in 2009... nothing much to do there and the beach's not really that fantastic and $500 just to fly there... totally not worth it.... 

(2) Bangkok flight was $400 each - was just there last year and not really a fan of bangkok.... it's like a chiong chiong chiong war to buy anything and everything every time in bangkok and 90% of the things i bought always end up not fitting, not liking, not suitable... =( 

(3) Penang flight was even more ridiculous at $700 each

like that i might as well go 

(4)  Maldives which was at $800 each by tigerair and inclusive of all taxes and top-ups for extra leg space ... woohoo.... cannot believe that budget air also flies to maldives right??? and it's only about 4 hour and 45 minutes away.... a quick search showed that it's a cluster of 1900+ islands near sri lanka

the amazing thing is the airport is on an island by itself with only one runway...so cool siah.... 

the densely populated bigger island up left is Male', the capital of Maldives. An airport ferry transport travellers to and fro Male' and the airport in 10 minutes at only 50 cents.... =) ... 

i assume the teeny weeny island further up north of Male' is Villingilli island where the apartment i booked is at. It's another 8 minute ferry ride away and cost 25 cents.... so far Maldives seems not as expensive as what i thought it would be leh..... 

anyway, i booked my apartment via airbnb once more... really luv this website for all the cheaper alternatives.... dun wanna spend a bomb just on the accomodation when all i want is the clear blue sea and a nice white beach to nua.... heee.... 

gotten a whole apartment at $115 per night which comes with 2 big bedrooms so any one/couple who's interested to escape CNY with us are welcome to join us... heee....

the reason why this apartment attracts me is the view from its rooftop and the fact that it's only 50m away from the beach... =) 

all photos from airbnb

will take my own photos when i am there... =) 

i know that our apartment is a far cry compared to those super posh one that is associated with Maldives but those cost at least $500 a day leh.... anyway, people go to Maldives is for the beach and the clear blue water right???? so i feel no point spending so much on accommodation la hor??? 

basically, Maldives is all about the beaches, sea sport, snorkelling and diving... Mr Ang dun dive = i wun wanna go dive alone... so i guess it would be just nua-ing at the beach (my favourite), island hopping and snorkelling in the clear blue water..... so looking forward to it.... heee... =) ... it has been a long while since i saw inviting sea water..... awwwww

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chun Yang's and Ai Ling's wedding @ Raffles Country Club

on the way to besties' wedding lunch with my favourite boy 

so creative..... literally a 大红炸弹 as wedding invites 

and their favourite tooties as wedding mascots too... so cute 

free yummy popcorn for all

super cute wedding favour boxes

filled with childhood goodies 

first time had the whole suckling pig served as it is @ a wedding banquet....  

Our pretty pretty table photo

the RSS blk 806 basketball guys 自相残杀-ing 

me and besties.... hurray to 18 years of friendship and many more to come... =D

sharing the power of 美图秀秀 with joyce.... luv the perfect flawless skin effect lo.... how come real life not like this???? =( 

f r o m a d i s t a n c e 2 : 1

Our exhibition poster 

poster for opening ceremony 

Babes at the recep counter 

door gifts for our teachers with one super bondaged by beng to give to our pretty theory tutor, bee lian... =P

Babes in a similar shade of blue... dun we look like bridesmaids???

with Mr Ang who came to show hubby's support... =*  


(A) Individual artwork

with the artist, Norsekha 

with the artist, SK

who was Mr Ang's primary 5 chinese teacher...
such a small world!!!

 squinting and pouting with the artist, Anisah 

with the artist, Pauline 

with the artist, KK

another of his work that i like

artwork of artist Fee

with the artist, Tiang and his artwork

artist Ana and her work

artists Way Lin and Zuby and their work

artwork of artist Brenda

(B) Group installation

with the artists, Norsekha, Suzana and SK



 the artists, tiang, KK and bernie


with the installation artists, Hamzah, Beng and Wan


artists way lin, zuby and brenda in the room of tyres

with class display of photos which we took in New Media module taught by Paul Lincole 

the most amazing installation/land art (according to me) cos
(1) it's done by me and my groupmates, Anisah and Sherine =)

(2) viewers can see all 19 lines (red, blue, green & yellow) leading towards the art gallery only when standing on the vantage point

(3) the image of this artwork cannot be captured by a camera... one has to be physically at the location to see all the 19 lines at work.... somehow cameras just don't capture the colours of the green, blue and red lines as well as the naked eye 

this artwork is just so my style ... site specific.... minimalist.... no physical product which will give me a headache on where to dispose it after the exhibition... =P 


with one of the artists, Ange


(C) Class display

Plaster work from 3D exploration module taught by local artist Twardzik Ching Chor Leng

Paintings from Material & Method module 

taught by local artist, David Chan

Sketches from 2D exploration module taught by local artist, Seck Yok Ying 


with this exhibition, we came to a closure of our 4 months, 7 modules, super duper uber intensive advance diploma course ... 

though sad to say goodbye to my course-mates and teachers, i'm glad to say goodbye to all the assignments, stress and unhappiness.... 

keep in contact adv dippies

looking forward to a new direction in my art education career.... it's gonna be a great 2014 and beyond!!!!!