Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween @ Woodgrove 2013

i try to make it a yearly activity to pop by woodgrove area every Halloween yet too lazy to purposely travel to woodlands for it.... but somehow there are always coincidences that allow me to be at woodlands on this wonderful day year after year and the coincidence this year was uncle wan's destination from nie was WOODLANDS..... wahahahahahha..... happiness max max....  

wasn't in the mood to snap many pictures as the weather was super humid from the heavy downpour earlier and people were constantly on the move.... and i was also too busy chatting with alvin and alfred who for the first time decided to tag along mummy and I .... it was the first halloween walk @ woodgrove for these two mountain tortoises despite just living one road away from the venue.... =S 

anyway, some pics from the day

蔡 mummy in the best decorated house this halloween ... super effort 

Halloween dance by one of the households... pretty cool... 
with a very noisy alvin and alfred yapping non-stop in the background... =S

Past Halloween @ Woodgrove:


Anonymous said...

Hi! Was this on 31st Oct itself?

Candy said...

Yes..... it's on every year on 31st October....Halloween day itself... =)