Thursday, February 20, 2014

Land Art with my sixers

Spent a total of 5 art lessons this term with my sixers to explore on  Andy Goldsworthy's famous land arts.... used snippets of this video for introduction and a basis for pupils to do more research on land art on their own

after a week of research and another week on planning and mock set-up, my sixers were able to create these rather amazing and unique artworks on the grass patch and pavement just outside the art room. 

i would say great effort and marvellous execution on their first trial.... 

am looking forward to their PQP response on the social learning wall and their reflection in their art journal ... =D 

advanced diploma really changed the way i teach

though the artwork was destroyed by the other levels within 2 hours of installation, i was still 'happy' that it created a teaching moment where we discussed about art appreciation and respect for others' artwork and property.

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