Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paper-making with my fifth graders

the focus was on Paper-Making for the whole of term 1 for my P5 pupils.... 

it started with 'scaring' the pupils that this year's art lessons were gonna to involve a lot of researching, planning, sharing and reflecting and they all went 'HUH?!?! Why like that???' and were ignored!!!!.... oopx 

then there was a ME demonstration in week 2 on how paper can be made from toilet paper with the equipment that we have in the art room. Pupils were strongly encouraged to jot down the procedures into their art journal as mrs ang is one art teacher who does not repeat her instructions and definitely not one who goes around correcting their shortcuts... dun judge me as i learnt this from my art tutor too..... wahahahaha.... =P .... art is just this lovely subject where pupils can afford to make mistakes and then learn from them or make new discoveries from their mistakes oh... =D 

Hands-on lesson started in week 3 and for this lesson, and only this lesson, all the necessary equipment was prepared for the 7 groups of pupils. After which they had to stock-take, wash them after the lesson and pick them up at the beginning of the rest of the lessons. 

This was a trial 'strategy' to reduce teacher preparation time which many art teachers had complaint about. And i am glad that i had decided to spend the time to try it out cos the rest of the lessons on paper-making were all super fuss free.... 

i only needed half an hour per week to prepare the paper pulp before the lesson and then give the green light for the pupils to go ahead to pick up the equipment and then just stood around to take pictures of them at work during lessons.... 

oh... and the doing it on the corridor and grass patch outside the art room was so that they have more space for movement and also to reduce clean up time...and hence the pupils had more time making their paper... =) 

the different colours and sparkles and glitters were all ideas from the individual groups... some used food dye, others used poster paints, and there were even some who used marker inks....

was really happy when they had the initiatives to bring their own sponges and rags to speed up the process as only 1 of each was provided for each group... =P 

on average, each group could produce up to 5 pieces of recycled paper per lesson.... the first few weren't as perfect as what they hope to achieve

but they soon got the hang of it after a few tries... =) 

extra learning for this group of pupils who overlooked the importance of pouring ALL excess water through the sieve

they ended up having to rake up the dried paper pulp that got stuck on the grass the next lesson and hence had lesser time to make their own paper. 

and with the paper (and scrap) made during the term, Mother's Day cards and Thank You tags were created to be sold at our annual art bazaar... =) 

love this art activity as pupils get to work in groups, practice their communication skills, be in-charge of their creation and improvement, work at their own pace, there are opportunities to make improvement to their skill mastery etc etc etc.... 

would further refine how the lessons were conducted to include some artists study and hopefully a project work (read: bigger artwork) for next year's lessons.... =D 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Singapore's O stands for art transit tour by art Outreach

Signed up for the free Art in Transit Tour organised by Art Outreach last Saturday and enjoyed myself lots lots.... a big thank you to Mr Ang, the poor sleepy hubby who got dragged out of bed on a rainy saturday morning to accompany me too.... heee

There are two options; NEL line and Circle Line and we took the latter one... 

Was surprised to find out from the pretty and knowledgeable guide
 that it was actually a 5.89 million LTA initiative to include a local artist's artwork at each of the station along the NEL and circle line. Reminds me of what one of my art tutor told us about New York where 10% of all building cost must be towards to installation of an art piece... 

There were about 16 other people who had signed up, locals made up less than 25%.... guess not many Singaporeans are really interested in the arts as compared to foreigners... =S


We started the tour punctually at 1030am at 
CC3 Esplanade
The humongous piece of print behind the escalator towards exit A is titled "Let the show begins" by artist Lim Mu Hue

the Chinese musical instrument on the right is called a 扬琴, and i used to be able to play 2 songs with it during JC time when i was in chinese orchestra CCA... =)

the artist had even carved and printed an image of himself, the one in singlet and stripe pj pants, into this art piece 

it's a collection of 7 wood block prints that was created by the artist over the years. It depicts what goes on behind the scene for various traditional street performances; wayang kuilt, chinese opera, chinese orchestra  that were enjoyed by the early settlers of Singapore. It also portrays the struggles and working condition of the people during the colonial rule. 

Sadly, the artist passed away soon after the completion of this commission and it was with the family that LTA worked closely with, that resulted in the recreation of the artwork prints on such a gigantic scale. It's printed on scratch proof glass and is installed at an angle for day light illumination. 


CC4 Promenade Station

It's a massive 3 ton worth of twenty thousand stainless steel circles put together to form multiple droplets in a station 

Artists' original idea was to use fibre glass to create the droplets but was rejected as it produces toxic gas in the event of a fire. Original idea was also to have the 'splash' at the base of the installation to be made of the same material but was once again rejected due to safety issue. 

there's definitely much thinking and rethinking involved in the creation of this lovely piece of art. Like what another of my art tutor said, "I love art because i need to think a lot" in response to a child who said that she loves art cos it's a subject that she "dun need to think"..... heee 


CC6 Stadium 

located above both exits of the station is the artwork "The Perfect Motion" by local artist, Roy Zhang.

It is a series of sporting images of a Brazilian model with martial art background captured while jumping on a trampoline... =P 

Was just thinking if it would be better and more resonating with Singaporeans if it were images of famous local soccer players such as Fandi Ahmad and Lim Tong Hai etc... (did i just revealed my era???.... oopx)


CC7 Mountbatten 

Title: Lord Mountbatten Thinks of Pink 
Artist: Jason Wee

The artwork was based on Lord Louis Mountbatten's idea of painting his fleet of ships pink in wartime. His reasoning was that the pink, a mixture of grey and red, matches the colour of the sky and the sea during dawn and dusk which was a great camouflaging idea during wartime. 

Though this piece of art is not really my cup of tea but i feel that it would be so much better if it was not matched with orange tiles and protected by reflective glass panels.... =S 


CC8 Dakota

Title: Little things, little stories, compiled by two artists from "A Dose of Light"

The intent was to capture images of objects that are found in the residents’ homes, along the flat corridors and shared outdoor spaces along Dakota Crescent. It was an attempt to chronicle a visual history and narrative of the space before the station was built. It acts as a visible time capsule of the Dakota area. 


CC9 Paya Lebar 

Title: The Signs of Times 
Artist: Salleh Japar 

The pictographic symbol includes packed stacking pigs waiting to be feed, 

the wireless tower, 

the iconic post office complex in the form of a postman 

and many other structures of historical paya lebar.

The artwork aims to make viewers relax, smile and dream and at the same time share the special bond with history that made this area memorable to those who have lived and to those who visited the area."

This is the artist's memory of his dad's riding on his motorbike during the time where his family had stayed in paya lebar many years ago. 

The artists had collected tiles from old shops in Paya Lebar which were undergoing renovation and painstakingly cut them into the various shapes and sizes to form the different icons.... the child-like designs with its vibrant colours appeals to me lots lots too... =) 


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