Sunday, May 11, 2014

Singapore's J is for Just a bad day

Nope...this post is not about any bad day of mine.... though there are definitely tons of bad days this year for me to bitch about ... =P

It's actually a performance which Angela was involved in..... and she was one of the main leads oh.... so proud of her!!!!

She had invited me to bring 蔡 mummy along to watch this performance on 25 April so as to let us have a better understanding of what her course, Applied Drama and Psychology in Singapore Polytechnic, is all about.... 


Info about the production from the website

"Just A Bad Day

They are everyday people with ordinary lives. You’ve seen them. They’re your neighbours, your colleagues, your mahjong kakis. Their problems are nothing new. But now, they’re asking you to step in.
Three women are faced with different threats – at home, in the office, and at a party. When familiar environments turn hostile and seemingly harmless situations escalate, what choices are they left with?
This forum theatre piece was created by a team of volunteers from all walks of life in Singapore, who came forward to share their stories of violence, oppression and vulnerability.  In a powerful workshop led by theatre practitioner Li Xie, the volunteers molded compelling characters who mirrored their struggles, their society. Your society.
‘Just A Bad Day’ promises to be a stimulating encounter. Through this intimate performance, we hope to provoke thought and discussion on the less tangible forms of violence against women that continue to be a reality in Singapore.
Come and listen to these experiences, share your perspectives and reconsider your assumptions about gender roles, norms and violence against women. And maybe you will discover possibilities – areas you where you can make change in your own life.
About Forum Theatre
The forum theatre format calls for active participation and problem-solving from the audience. It aims to show people how they can change their world. Beyond voicing their opinions, audience members are invited on stage to participate within the world of the play!"

For those who are interest to me my angela in action or to know more about this program, the next show will be held at Woodlands Community Centre on 8 June... =D


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