Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Singapore's E stands for Esplanade - Happily ever Laughter 2014

Upon Mr Ang's invitation, I attended my first ever stand-up comedy at Esplanade Theatre in April.... yah, i know.... a super late post.... and yes, i am indeed that busy till i am neglecting this blog of mine.... =S

surprise surprise was that the famous ones/hosts/celebrities such as hossan, adrian and even kumar didnt make it into my top 4 out of a total of 13 comedians who performed that night.... 

anyway, sharing my favourite 4 for the night that tickled me so much till i was suffering from side stitches..... =D 

(will be right side up after the 50 seconds) 

none of these videos belong to me... though we were invited to do any recordings and were also encouraged to post them online as part of free publicity for them... =) 

i dun mind catching them in their next run oh.... quite entertaining... i do enjoy these kinds of lame jokes, racist jokes, political jokes..... =P.... oopxy!!!!


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