Sunday, July 13, 2014

out & around in San Francisco

Breakfast was at the Japanese Town

Happy people just cos we get to eat RAMEN!!!!

My bowl of spicy ramen!!! Yumz Yumz, especially yums 

The famous LOMBARD street
the most crooked street in the world 

super shaky video on our zigzag drive down lombard street 

though it was a very short slow drive.... it was so exciting due to the multiple turns and the hip that it is such an interesting road.... where on earth can u find a zigzag road that zig and zag after every 10m or so???? .... pity the people who are living in this area thoughg... having to live with the endless traffic on this road.... 

Segway tour coming down.... would luv to sign up for the tour but it just didnt fit into our plan for the day... =S  

Perfect photo of lombard street from the net....

drivers here have superb parking skill!!!!

The Golden Gate Bridge 

Lunch Date with TESSA
it was actually a date with cheryl ... but her daughter tessa was just so super duper adorable and loveable.... 

we had a late lunch over at Park Chow... a cosy and warm restaurant - a heaven for me in cold cold san francisco

i had a pork chop and i thought it was pretty awesome 

but it was the cute and unique artwork that were displayed which caught my attention more... =) 

upon Tze's and Cheryl's recommendation, we headed to the twin peak where we could see the whole of san francisco from the top.... din expect san franc to be this cluttered!!! and definitely din know that it could be that cold high up at the twin peak.... 

it was so cold that joyce refused to get out of the car.... 

with this sunset, we bid goodbye to san franc and off we drove to sonoma and napa valley aka the wine country.... 

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