Friday, September 12, 2014

To Bangkok for the 7th time

on one hand, i always say "No, i dun wanna go bangkok again!" yet on the other hand, i am always going to bangkok.... the last trip was just two Septembers ago with Mabel and i am back this September again with ms loh and ms chia but as these two are super camera shy, I shall leave their pics out and make this trip looked as if I went on a solo trip... Wahahahaha... 

saw a different part of bangkok this round....we had two days of touristy visiting before i went crazy at Platinum on our last day.... =D 

flight was at a cheap $182 via tigerair.... as we din bring any luggage, we did a web check-in and was instructed to proceed directly to departure gate so we needed only to reach changi airport an hour before take off... =) 

reached Thailand Suvarnabhumi airport at about 3pm and the first thing we did was to buy a traveller sim card at 299baht (S$12) for unlimited data plan for a week.... Good buy!!!! Must buy!!!!

Was starving so brought a cup of caramel milk tea (65฿)

and a vanilla puff  (55฿)


before taking a cab to our hotel, Centara Water Pavillion .... was pleasantly surprised that the cab ride cost only 255฿ (S$10) and there wasn't any toll charges along the way... =D... it used to be a flat rate at 400฿ long long ago....

welcome drink that were too sweet for my liking 

room sweet room was at 1404

saw a calendar and personalised it.... wahahahaha.... I hope they dun just throw it away because of this... 

Miss Chia was feeling generous and treated both of us to MK steamboat.... 

was too hungry to take pic of the individual plates of ingredients
so collectively, these were only 2/3 of what we had ordered

全部吃光光 lo....  

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