Saturday, December 13, 2014

Singapore's U stands for Universal studios singapore

first visit to USS was with the chua family in 2011, then i went to Universal Studios Hollywood this June and now USS again.... and this time, it was with the P1 chers of 2013.... 

thanks to Samantha's dad who got us tix at 50% discount...woohoo!!! 

1st stop: churros for breakfast... heee

lucky us only spent 20 minutes in the queue to take the transformer ride... happiness!!!

love the sesame street gift shop the most and using samantha's dad's staff pass, we got to enjoy a 20% discount on all purchases.... happiness!!!  

This super cute plastic totebag cost only $4.72 after discount 
 best part is that both sides of the bag are of different designs.... shall use it as one of my art bags for next year too... =)

 $21.50 after discount for this t-shirt....

spotted this cute outfit in sesame street's big bird yellow, put together by a young japanese gal while queuing up to buy lunch... her friends were in elmo red, cookie monster blue and oscar green.... so duper cute!!!

this fish burger set for lunch cost me $15.50... [>_<]

the MUMMY - one of the scary rides i din wanna try... =S

Ho Ho Ho... Merry Xmas!!!... Father Santa sending us off on our way out... =) 

cheeky gal photobombed us from the back... heee


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