Tuesday, December 2, 2014

yearly catch-up with SL pals

based on Joyce's recommendation, we had our annual catch-up over dinner at Woori-Nara @ Bukit Timah area... it's an authentic korea restaurant...served by koreans for koreans?!!?!!?... i think we were the only singaporeans in the restaurant of about 10 tables??? 

pretty korean stars accompanying us during the meal... =D

 the replenishable 小菜s

BBQ pork belly

famous fried chicken dish that joyce highly recommended 

my favourite ham and sausage kimchi hotpot with maggi mee topped with cheese... yummy!!!

attendee for the day: Joyce from 2nd recruitment, stayed for 10 years and See Ling from 5th recruitment who stayed for less than a year... 

from 3rd recruitment, uncle yew cheong who stayed for 5 years and me, 1 year 8 months...we are batch-mates... wahahaha

i realised that we have known each other for more than 10 years liao wor... =) 

was impressed that someone took the effort to make this structure so i just had to take a pic with it la.... heee 

As it was still early after dinner, we popped by udders ice-cream which was along the same stretch of shops

had so much fun and laughter taking pics of the "in case of______" deco in the cafe

These two below were in the female's toilet ... wonder what "in case" would there be in the male's toilet... hmmmm

anyway, on top of having 2 scoops of ice-cream each, we ordered a bailey tiramisu mille-crepe that's so uniquely presented.... 6ml of bailey in a syringe to be drizzled on the crepe-cake ... yumzzz

Happi gathering.... Yeah!!! 

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