Thursday, February 19, 2015

CNY activities in school

Round 1 : CNY classroom decoration 

was super happy when aesthetics SH informed me that art teachers need not help with the CNY classroom decoration competition as we do have a art curriculum to adhere to... i like... else i would have been ultimately stress with having to come up with 18 designs for my 18 art classes.... 

so i just focused on my co-form class using their FTGP lessons and these were what we put up... =)
Hong mama had given me 2 bags of red packets previously and i had generously redistributed them to all 30 kiddos of my class for the above wordings ... i think some of the kiddos, under the guidance of their parents, did a fantastic job!!!

a partially completed wall.... forgot to take a pic of the final one ... =P

close-up on one of the 羊 meh meh....

and for these, we won the first prize in the classroom deco for primary 1.... the kiddos were so happy to receive the hamper of goodies... =) 

Round 2: On the spot word formation with CNY goodies 

with my kiddos and the judge, OM of the school

their CNY doodles on the whiteboard

nopx, we din manage to win round 2 of the competition.... we had  lost to a class which used classroom tables to form a mega huge word '吉'.... power!!!

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